Best Universities in the UK for PhD. in Science & Studying Nutrition

PhD-s can be a tough battle to win. But as soon as you navigate the process and map your goals, you can create for yourself a fulfilling career with ample credentials and intellectual superiority.

For doing so, choosing the institution that matches your requirements and research criteria is the way to go. Here is a list of the premier institutions in the UK that provide you with the required Ph.D. disciplines for your career path ahead in science.

Best University in the UK for Ph.D. in Science:

1. Nottingham University

Founded in 1881, Nottingham University ranks high on the most sought-after universities for placements in the UK.

It offers you state-of-the-art infrastructure and thorough education in a sprawling campus with an enviable reputation. It has 50 disciplines to choose from and a well-structured research facility.

2. University of Exeter, Doctorate colleges

With a sterling reputation for being among the elite universities of the United Kingdom, the University of Exeter also offers fully-funded research programs for its doctoral college.

With more than 70 research centers under its wing, this university provides Ph.D. courses in fields like metamaterials, translational medicine, genome, climate change, extrasolar planets, and medical history, to name a few.

3. Coventry University

This university was destroyed in World War II and has rebuilt itself since then. It has developed a reputation by offering advanced research programs with scholarships and funding in various disciplines like Engineering, Healthcare, Environmental studies. It is known for its new-age pedagogy and international exposure.

4. University of Manchester

Considered the second-largest university in the UK, this university is more recently formed but has a top-class student engagement process and reputation. It offers research programs in many disciplines- ranging from Animal Biology to Dental Sciences.

So in case you are a Science student who wants to pursue their post-doctorate program in the United Kingdom, do apply to these universities!

If you are not up for Ph.D. yet, another course you can pursue in the United Kingdom is Nutrition.

Food science and nutrition science are slowly yet steadily making their mark worldwide. Until now, nutrition was considered a field used to cure the diseased, but with people growing conscious about their health, nutrition has seen a steady increase.

Some growing fields in nutrition are sports nutrition, exercise and fitness nutrition, pediatric nutrition, genomic nutrition, and food processing and preservation.

Let’s take a look at the four best universities in the UK for studying nutrition:

4 Best Universities in the UK for Nutrition:

1. Nottingham Trent University

One of the esteemed universities for studying nutrition, Nottingham Trent University, has two bachelor’s degrees in nutrition.

The teaching staff personally helps students understand the subjects and has in-campus placements. Career opportunities are plenty, and you can also go for a master’s in sports science at the university.

2. University of Roehampton

Nutrition and psychology are closely related and, when together, become the perfect formula for helping an individual stay fit. The nutrition courses at Roehampton are finely tuned to accommodate psychology as a part of the course.

Even it doesn’t have in-campus placement, and the career counseling department helps you find the best suitable system for you.

3. Ulster University

Located in Northern Ireland, Ulster University also has two courses in nutrition. They have excellent job prospects and a highly interactive career department.

All professors are actively involved in ensuring that the students understand the matter well and apply it in their life. The university also polishes you in transferable skills like leadership and time management.

4. King’s College London

With over 17,600 undergraduate students enrolling in the college every year, King’s College London is a favorite among nutrition students. It is ideal for postgraduate studies if you want to increase your medical, clinical, or pediatric nutrition knowledge.

Even though the education fees are comparatively higher than other universities, students from this college often get very high-paying jobs.


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