4 Pocket-friendly Destinations for Indians to Study Abroad

It is every person’s dream to study in a foreign country. More than education, it is about yourself out alone in the world, exploring yourself, and building a successful career.

Many Indian students are going to foreign countries to pursue further educations. The easy availability of student loans and easy student visa application process has made it so much quicker and stressful.

Here are four pocket-friendly destinations for Indians to study abroad:

1. Italy

Italy has very high standards of education. It has the world’s oldest university. Fees in public universities in Italy are very affordable for Indian students. Knowing Italian will be an advantage for you.

The cost of living is affordable as well. You can also go on scholarships, which will lower your education costs even more.

2. France

France has more than 3,500 educational institutions. It is one of the best countries for further education for Indians. If you are interested in engineering, architecture, or fine arts, definitely choose France as your choice of country.

There are special low-cost accommodations for students in France. Many French universities also have grants and assistance for international students.

3. Argentina

You might not have heard much about international students going to Argentina for further students, but it is one of the best places you will find good quality education. Even private universities do not charge high fees for international students.

The cost of living is affordable as well. Since Argentina is a Spanish-speaking country, you can also get better with the language as you explore the country.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a 21st century choice of many Indian students. They have friendly universities with excellent quality education and other facilities. Public transport and cost of living are very affordable.

New Zealand emphasizes practical education to prepare students to face the real world.

So, what’s your plan? Which country would you like to choose?

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