4 Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden

The two things Sweden is most famous for is IKEA, the world-famous furniture brand and Pewdiepie, the world’s most famous YouTuber with over 56 million subscribers. Well, Sweden is also famous for its natural beauty and Northern Lights. It has beautiful hiking trails, mountains, and museums that will take you back in history.

Here are four beautiful places to visit in Sweden:

1. Malmo

By: Matyas Rehak on Shutterstock

Malmo is Sweden’s third-largest city and is famous for its three main squares. The three are Lilla Torg, Stortorget, and Gustav Adolfs Torg.

The Malmohus Slott is a mid-century castle in Malmo’s Old Town area. Almost 150 ethnic groups stay in Malmo and are known for their support for each other.

2. Stockholm archipelago

With over 30,000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago, it is impossible to visit every one of them. But some islands that you cannot miss are Starofortet and Nacka. Both the islands are relaxing and will take all your stress away.

Nacka is the closest to Stockholm and has plenty of spas, so there’s doubt in saying that you should enjoy at least one. Starofortet is the archipelago capital and has a World War I fortress.

3. Swedish Lapland

Over 359 km of wilderness, the Swedish Lapland is a paradise for hikers, canoes, and wildlife lovers. Start your journey from Wilderness Way and end at Fatmomakke.

Don’t stop there because you will have to return to Wilderness Way. On your way, stop at Jokkmokk to purchase reindeer hides.

4. Kosterhavet National Park

By: Pavel Shyshkouski on Shutterstock

The Kosterhavet National Park is a marine national park and home to over 6,000 marine species. These species can’t be found anywhere but in Sweden.

It borders Norway and is popular among snorkelers and divers for its beautiful coral reefs. You can also visit one of the fishing villages and learn more about fish there.

So, which site do you plan to visit first?

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