4 Reasons Why You Should Quit a Job on Good Terms

Quitting jobs can be a tricky business due to the awkwardness involved, and sometimes the reasons for quitting a job may not be very pretty. 

You have worked for a fair amount of time at this organization, and while sometimes you may leave the place for greener pastures, it may not pass well with the employers at all times. But it is extremely important to leave on a good note, with zero animosity and bad beef. Here’s why. 


Believe it or not, you need to be grateful for the job opportunity you were given by the organization, and it is important to exhibit that gratitude at all times. This is an important part of professional ethics, a code that must be followed at all times. Wherever you work, you should stand by this code. 

Future Prospects

Whatever job switches you make, you need to keep in mind that your future employers will definitely look for references from your previous workplace. So maintaining healthy relations is important to maintain a good record because if there is any bad beef, your employers will just know. 

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If you want a good recommendation for your resume, make sure to harbor no ill will with your present bosses. 

No matter what, your workplace will be full of people having much more experience and expertise in the industry, and if you manage to be in their good books, you might end up being in their good books, which can be very beneficial for your future job.  

There is always a chance to rejoin

Life may not always be fair to us. Not in the professional world, at least. You never know you might have to rejoin your previous organization or have a future deal with the company you worked for previously. 

So it is always better to keep things less awkward, so you can also consider rejoining the organization in the future. Things will be less awkward if you end up bumping into each other at conferences or anything.

So, these are the four reasons why you should leave a job on a good note. It always pays to be friendly with your ex-colleagues and ex-boss. 


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