5 Benefits of Government Service

A government or federal service has its own set of perks. Apart from serving as a status symbol, the honor of working for your government comes with its own set of benefits, and this is one of the reasons more, and more professionals are now opting for the federal service. 

Considering the weak economy, a government service offers a ray of hope in the restricted job market today. Here is a list of 5 advantages a government job offers over a mainstream job.

1. Job Security 

Any job with enhanced security is an asset, and certainly in a weakened economy where layoffs are common. As compared to government employees, private employees are much more susceptible to terminations. This is less likely in a government job where your job is secured well, and that is the reason for increased applications now for government jobs. 

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2. High Compensation Increases 

A government job will always offer a higher pay package to employees as compared to private organizations. The per capita income and the increased allowances and incentives in government jobs make it a lucrative avenue for professionals. 

3. More Vacation and Holidays 

While private employees struggle to save their leaves, the federal civilian and government employees have much more vacations and paid holidays as compared to their private counterparts, which means better compensation for their work hours and a much better work-life balance. Even the sick and personal leaves are more than the private jobs in the case of federal service. 

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4. Generous Health Benefits 

There is a multitude of health programs and insurances provided to government employees, and these benefits are much more as compared to private employees. This ensures the health and well-being of the employees while they work to serve the state. 

5. Generous Retirement Benefits 

Government employees can think first of all avail for premature retirement and can also avail a superior retirement plan and receive a better pension amount. Many savings plans are also available for a comfortable retirement spree, and they can also avail health benefits even after retirement. 

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