4 Study Locations Other Than London for International Students

Let’s be honest. London is not the only location in the United Kingdom where you’ll get a quality education. More than 100,00 students are enrolled in universities in London but often ignore the other universities.

It is essential to stand out from the crowd and choose a university that offers close interaction with the professors.

Here are four study locations other than London for international students:

1. Manchester

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Manchester has two universities – the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Both universities are leading universities in the UK and offer courses across multiple disciplines.

It also is the home to Manchester United Football Club and a whole lot of architectural wonders that you’ll fall in love with.

2. Leeds

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Situated in the heart of England, Leeds is a beautiful city with universities like Leeds Beckett University and Leeds Trinity University.

Both universities come in the top 30 in the United Kingdom. Traveling across the country is very easy from here, and it has a beautiful climate all year round.

3. Liverpool

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It is the the home to Liverpool John Moores University. Liverpool is the fitness hub of England and offers wonderful courses in nutrition.

It is also the home to Liverpool Football Club, so you also get to enjoy the occasional matches. The city is a dessert wonder, and some hot chocolate does wonders in the cold, icy climate of Liverpool.

4. Belfast

Belfast is the most stunning city to live in. It is located in Northern Ireland. Belfast is known for its rich history and architectural wonders. Queen’s University is situated in Belfast and offers impeccable courses. It is also one of the top-ranking countries in the world.

Go for a change. London is too expensive and too crowded as well. Quality matters as well, so choose your University wisely. There is no room for errors.

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