The Cost of Studying in Ireland

Ireland is Europe’s third-biggest island. It is a mix of natural beauty, culture, and the modern world. All universities in Ireland are known for their exceptional education system and highly recognized staff.

Irish people are the sweetest people in the world and will always come forward to help you.

Here’s the cost of studying in Ireland:

1. One-time costs

One-time costs include student visa, travel insurance, medical insurance, registration with the police, opening a local bank account, mobile and number, and deposit for accommodation.

If your luggage exceeds the maximum weight, you will have to pay for the extra kg as well. Try to utilize your saved money for these costs as they are minimal and vary according to the season.

2. Ongoing costs

1. Rent

Accommodation in Ireland is cheaper than in the United Kingdom. It will cost you 427 euros as the monthly rent of a 1BHK apartment. You can reduce the cost furthermore by sharing it with a roommate.

2. Utilities

Utilities include water and electricity and garbage bills. It will cost around 28 euros monthly. This is the cost you have to pay monthly and can’t be divided.

3. Food and groceries

On average, your monthly food and groceries expenditure will go up to 200 euros. If you cook at home mostly and occasionally eat out, the cost will go further down to 150 euros.

4. Transportation

Transportation is a bit on the costlier side, costing you 135 euros a month. You can avail a bus pass discount using your international student ID.

5. Clothes

Ireland gets cold during the winters, and therefore, investing in warm clothes is one of your major expenses. If you plan to stay in Ireland all your life, invest in good quality durable jackets and boots. Keep 41 euros each month for clothes.

Well, these are the basic costs that you will end up paying if you study in any university in Ireland. Depending on your locations and regular expenses, the prices can differ slightly.

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