5 Best Non-Profit Organizations to Work For

Many people worldwide are interested in working with non-profits for some other social cause. There are an ample number of non-profit organizations around the globe to work for.

Working for non-profits will need a passion for the cause you are working for. You must be in an urge to work for them every day and bring about change in the world.

Best Non-Profit Organizations to Work In

1. Asha India

Asha India is a non-profit which works for the slums in India. They provide slum dwellers with education, sanitation, and pure drinking water.

To improve the living conditions of the slums, they try hard and seek the help of government officials. They also rope in efforts from other agencies to make the results much better.

2. Gates Foundation

The founder of the organization is Milinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates. Most of their income goes to this foundation. They work hard to make every possible life live full.

They are on the line to eliminate as much poverty as possible. They help in reducing the child and mother deaths due to malnutrition.

3. Charity: Water

It is a non-profit that works to provide sanitized drinking water for those in need of it, using its 100% public donations for the same in developing countries.

They provide their staff with enough ability and freedom to publish content to connect to their supporters.

4. Make-A-Wish

Everyone has a unique wish, and they try to fulfill them with utmost liveliness and hopefulness. Make-A-Wish is a foundation that fulfills a child’s wish. It deals with children who are suffering from threatening medical conditions.

5. The March of Dimes

The non-profit was established in 1938. Since then, they have been helping the lives of thousands of babies and mothers. They help every child have a good healthy life to start with.

They are taking the help of social media to reach out more to create awareness and get assistance.

You can begin with any non-profit if working for a cause is your aim. But if you want to establish a career based on non-profit, you need to make some clever career moves!

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