5 Unique Professions for Law Graduates

After obtaining graduation in Law, many think that there is no scope of any other work than just being a Lawyer. However, Law grads, by some means or others, are seeking different career paths, which are different than just being an attorney.

Surprisingly, pursuing a Law degree does not confine anyone to being a lawyer but provides many more unique professions.

List of 5 unique professions for Law graduates

As a law graduate, you will find many doors open for you regarding career advancements. Some of them are as follows.

1. Entrepreneur

Of course, you don’t need a law degree to be an entrepreneur. Being educated in a Law degree can help you know both creative and critical ways of challenging and solving a problem with limited resources, thus teaching you to create value.

Your degree will also make it easy to undertake the procedures and formalities for setting up your start-up.

2. Arts

The love of books and words makes one perfect for the art industry. Once Law grads, John Grisham and Scott Turow became New York Times bestselling authors irrespective of their educational qualifications in law.

In their literacy success, their legal backgrounds played a vital role.

3. Law Enforcement

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FBI, DHS, and other federal agencies like to hire law graduates. They do so because of the uniqueness in serving the public with being law graduates is a great combination.

You will be paid high and can gain excellent benefits being a Law school graduate in state and federal government offers.

4. Real Estate

Dealing with real estate matters requires some law skills. Being a Law school graduate, it will be much easier for you to work in the real estate industry.

You can learn a great deal about maximizing returns, structuring and negotiating financial transactions to minimize risk factors, and can be tax-efficient too.

5. Journalism

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Passion towards journalism can take you to peak dive into the world of news and coverage. Based on many stories, they need a lawyer to be a great resource for such TV channels or Newspaper agencies.

There are many other career paths that you can take if you do not want to spend your life as an attorney. The possibilities are endless!

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