5 Fields to Opt For if You are Interested in Social Service

Social service is a highly rewarding field with many avenues to work on. Moreover, when you make a difference to the world around you, that feeling is a treasure.

Also, the government gives a lot of benefits to social workers, and your reputation is stellar due to your noble initiatives.

Here are the top 5 fields you can choose if you have a degree in social work.

Medical/Public Health

With the rise in health issues, social workers in the medical field are high in demand. More jobs are being generated in this field, and various organisations, hospitals, emergency rooms, trauma centres, rehabs, and health agencies require social health workers.

Social workers do everything from carrying out surveys to organising awareness programmes and assisting patients in healthcare programmes. Health sectors pay social workers around $41,000 to $58,000 annually.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a rampant concern today, with even celebrities falling prey to the menace. The social workers work in close conjunction with authorities in rehabilitation centres, prisons, private practices, non-profit organisations, and juvenile detention centres.

This is a challenging job indeed, as addiction is one of the hardest areas to manage psychologically, and it requires a lot of empathy, patience and care.

You have to handle withdrawal syndromes, relapses, mood swings and whatnot- you need to be fully committed to your work. It will pay you around $29,000 to $49,000 annually.

Mental Health

You may require a master’s degree in this field. Mental health services are always in demand of social workers. You will be required to impart therapy, counselling, diagnosis and treatment planning for mental health patients, and you work in these facilities as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW).

The facilities where you can work include community mental health centres, mental hospitals, private setups, hospitals and schools.

Child Welfare

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You need to be very sensitive, compassionate and empathetic to work for child welfare. From child abuse to child neglect, the amount of emotional baggage to be handled is immense. For those with love for children and concern for battered kids, this is the ideal field to work in.

And this field also caters to children whose parents can’t afford to provide for them. And in situations where a child is in danger, you can intervene and provide them with a safe environment.

School Social Work

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This field involves posts like guidance counsellors and occupational therapists who help students and parents navigate school struggles.

You will be in charge of behavioural intervention programs, truancy prevention programs, sexual education, health education, crisis intervention and creating communication channels between parents, students and teachers.

So, there you have it, the best options if you want to do something in the field of social servicing.

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