The 7 Lesser-Known Engineering Fields

Engineering is a multi-disciplinary profession. And the fact that there are so many avenues to work in makes it even more exciting and versatile. But when we think of engineers- software, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers immediately come to our minds.4

Here is a list of 7 lesser-known engineering fields that not many candidates go for, but which will surely be more lucrative and famous in the coming days due to saturation in engineering, especially the conventional branches.

1. Aerospace Engineering:

It deals with creating aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace units, fighter planes, and more.

2. Agricultural Engineering:

This involves the creation of machinery for the propagation of agriculture and the upkeep of crops in extremely large fields, like threshers and harvesting machines.

You will also deal with farm power units and farm produces processing equipment.

3. Automobile Engineering:

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An upcoming field deals with the manufacture and creation of vehicles and associated innovations and systems that enhance fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.

It involves all branches of engineering like mechanical, electronic and software.

4. Biotechnology:

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This involves the creation of genetically modified seeds and crops the creation of fertilisers, herbicides and other materials that enhance the quality of crops.

It also requires the creation of vaccines and other attenuated versions of bacteria for the more excellent health of humanity.

5. Ceramic Engineering:

The field helps create articles from inorganic, non-metallic elements and compounds.

6. Earthquake Engineering:

This field involves devising measures to intercept and protect neighbourhoods from earthquakes by carefully monitoring and mitigating seismic risks and impacts.

With the rising amount of earthquakes, this field is becoming more relevant.

7. Environmental Engineering

This field involves the creation of strategies, methods and apparatus to provide clean, pure and healthy water, air and land for humans and other animals.

It includes clearing pollution-infested sites by integrating life science with engineering principles.

Engineering is a vast genre, and many people are not aware of these fields. So, I hope with the help of this article, people will be more aware of their options now.

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