5 Important Things to Know Before Studying in the US & How Life Changes After

As an international student from India, adjusting to the American culture will be quite tricky initially. The culture and lifestyle are very different, but you will adjust soon. People are amicable because there are a lot of ethnic groups living together peacefully.

Here are some essential things you need to know before studying in the United States of America:

1. How are you is a greeting

“Hey, how are you?” is a greeting and not a question. Tell them that you are good, but don’t ask the question back if an American asks you so. They are cool people and don’t get too formal.

2. Be respectful to women

Yes, American men and boys know well how to treat women. If a known or unknown woman is behind you or traveling with her, make sure you open the car doors or entry doors for her. If you are a girl, be ready to feel like a princess.

3. Don’t stay in dorm rooms

Dorm life and rooms only look good in the photos. Please don’t stay in dorm rooms because they are too small for a high price and full of bed bugs. Rent an apartment with three-four people from your country instead.

4. Elevator talks

Americans are inquisitive people, and if they spot someone different from them, they will try getting to know you. That’s perfectly fine, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy their questions and the conversation as well.

5. Food and gym

The United States of America is the mecca of fast food. Americans eat a lot of food, and you’ll take time to get used to the amount they eat. But they go hardcore at the gym too.

After eating tons of food, they sweat it out at the gym, and that’s perfectly fine, according to them.

Now that you know what you need to keep in mind before studying in the US, let’s see how your life will change after studying in the US.

5 Ways Life Changes After Studying in the US

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The United States of America is a global power and one of the most developed countries globally. It attracts hundreds and thousands of students every year.

Do you plan to study in the US? Well, with sheer hard work and determination, you will get selected in your preferred university. But be prepared because the US will change a lot about you.

Here are five ways life changes after studying in the US:

1. Accent

You slowly start catching the accent, and you secretly love it. But your friends back home start teasing you for becoming like that. It is okay, though, isn’t it? Stay in America, be like the Americans.

2. You stop converting currency value

Remember those earlier days when you would convert USD into INR. Those days are over for good, aren’t they? Spending a few extra bucks isn’t a problem because you get fantastic variety, which is absent back home.

3. You fall in love with food portions

American food portions are huge. A small coke there is large coke in India. Even the average portion size is twice the portion size in the US. After all, what more would you want? Some warm filling food for such a  dollar or two.

4. Cultural shocks are no more shocks for you

You would feel ashamed seeing people in skimpy clothes and same-sex relationships in your earlier days, but that’s not the case anymore. You have friends of all kinds, and you love them for who they are and not for their choices.

5. American festivals replace your Indian festivals

You have transformed into a true blue American when you start enjoying American festivals and sports more than Indian. Nothing’s wrong with it because you get to celebrate double the amount of everything.

So, that’s how your life will change once you start studying in America and truly embrace the place.

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