The Top 3 Cons Of Working Long Hours

Work-loads and chasing deadlines make life such a nightmare. We burn the midnight oil and spend hours at the office desk to make our ends meet, and it really isn’t a cakewalk. And the current trends of long hours at the workplace have proved to be detrimental to the work-life balance of so many.

We have heard of the term work-related stress like a million times, and it’s not flattering at all. The fact that it has become the norm to put in more hours at the workplace with little or no remuneration for the mere purpose of chasing targets is emotionally taxing and takes away your mental peace.

Although it doesn’t hurt to put in more effort for chasing the growth curve, long working hours surely have a detrimental effect on our well-being. Here are three downsides to long working hours.

Your posture takes a backseat: Back problems!

Sitting for long hours at work means prolonged sitting. Our backs take the maximum toll of this, and issues like spondylitis, slipped disc, and many other musculoskeletal issues and disorders follow.

The fact that very few offices have ergonomic furniture further poses a threat to our back’s health, and the postures bring with them a host of problems. Depleted blood circulation due to stagnant postures also leads to a variety of health concerns.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay/Copyright 2021

Work-life balance: Gone for a toss!

Long work hours make it difficult for you to focus on anything else other than work. Hence, your personal life is on the rocks, and your peace of mind is at stake. No more personal commitments and absolutely no me time.

This is one of the main reasons for work-related stress and so many career changes. When you can’t focus enough on other aspects of your life other than work, it surely is taxing to deal with.

Sedentary lifestyle: Weight gain!

So many people complain of weight gain after that highly demanding job appointment with long hours and lesser time for working out.

You just sit behind a screen, and you have less time left on you to look for healthier alternatives to food, and your physical activity diminishes markedly. Obesity brings with it a plethora of other health alarms, and the whole picture doesn’t look very pretty.

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