5 Reasons Why Your Top Talents Resign

In the modern competitive era, it is much more economical for organizations to retain top talents than hunt for new people frequently. To continue to enjoy working in an organization, employees need extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

Many companies find their top talents leaving for other opportunities. Today we will discover what makes your best talents leave.

1. Lack of rewards and recognition

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It is the organization’s responsibility to motivate its employees through rewards for their accomplishments. Recognition of achievements is also important to reinforce intrinsic motivation in employees.

Every employee must receive consistent feedback about their performance to encourage engagement.

2. Lack of growth potential

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Nobody wants to stay in a stagnant job that doesn’t go anywhere. Employees expect the organization to provide opportunities for development and growth.

By increasing their responsibility gradually, you can encourage growth potential in employees. It will help them understand their importance in the organizational structure.

3. Lack of leadership

Employees need clearly defined expectations to set as their goals. Often, the employees don’t leave the organization; instead, they leave their managers.

Managers need to understand how to balance ensuring autonomy and micro-managing employees. The top talents look for solid leadership that helps them achieve their goals and grow along with the organization.

4. Lack of freedom to communicate

Top talents in business have their insights, thoughts, observations, and ideas. The managers must listen to them and encourage open communication.

Otherwise, they will find an alternative job that will hear their voice. If the employees constantly feel that their voice is drowned out, they will dislike the work atmosphere.

5. Lack of trust

Organizations must ensure that promises are kept. Experienced professionals require the organization to be accountable for its actions. If you constantly let down your employees, they will find someplace where they are respected.

Keep the above considerations in mind and try hard to prevent employee turnover.

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