The Most Common CV Mistakes

One has to get a good Curriculum Vitae when applying for any job. A good CV can help you in achieving your target. A CV snapshot of your skills and experience forms the first impression.

Based on some common errors, your CV can be out-listed. Checking the errors and fixing them can make your CV stand out from the other candidates.

Let’s see what the common mistakes are!

1. Irrelevant Information

Don’t stuff your CV with irrelevant data; make it relevant to your application post. It may mislead the interviewer and lessen your chances of getting the job. So make sure your CV has a relevant job profile.

2. Grammar and Spelling Errors

Lack of basic grammar knowledge and spelling mistakes in your CV is a big no-no. It shows a lack of dedication and proves you have not paid attention to details.

3. Faulty File Format

If you are asked to send your resume as an email attachment, you should stick to the instruction. Choose .docx or PDF, or RTF file formats to make it look more professional while sending the file.

4. Using Uncertain Words

Avoid using phrases like several, numerous, few. Instead, use the appropriate number related to the content.

5. Too Lengthy

Recruiters are often busy, and they don’t take more than 10 sec to scan a resume. So make it precise, little, and meaningful. It should never be more than 2 pages long.

6. Unnecessary Designs

Make sure you use professional font names like Arial, Times New Roman, or Veranda and font size with 10-12 for body and 14 for headlines in your CV. It would be a convenient way to make a professional CV.

7. Unprofessional Details

Providing a professional email id is a must. A recent study has been conducted which shows that having an unprofessional email id and employee details leads to rejections.

8. Gaps in the Employment field

Mysterious gaps in the employment field make you face rejections. You have to be able to explain the reason for the gap satisfactorily. Otherwise, the interviewer may doubt your skills or competence.

These are the common mistakes that people make on their CV. Make sure you do not fall on the list!

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