5 Steps to Choose a Career Path After High School

For many years, your school has provided you with a protected environment that shielded you from the hardships of the world out there. And now, it is finally coming to an end!

Remember when you were all lively and cheery as a kid? Whenever anyone would ask, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” and you would be quick to reply to this question with a “Doctor!”, “Miss World!” or even an ambitious, “Astronaut!”.

Cut to a couple of decades later, you realize that the same question is indeed not an easy one to answer. The path you choose in order to get your dream job may be laden with challenges. But, there are many ways to help you sail through this journey more smoothly.

Here are five steps that would guide you in choosing a career path after high school –

1. Pursue your passion

As the saying goes, don’t try to pick a job that has great vacation time; rather, pick a job that doesn’t make you want to escape from it. A very important factor to consider when choosing a career is your passion. What do you enjoy doing? What motivates you each day to get up?

Try looking for careers that would answer this question and match your interests.

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2. Take an Aptitude/Personality Test

Not sure about your abilities and shortcomings? Take a career assessment test to assist you in understanding this. Ask yourself, “What am I good at?”

If you love socializing or enjoy working around people, you may want to consider career options that involve interaction with people. Whereas if you enjoy working in solitude, or have a penchant for computers, consider programming or writing!

3. Research! And then, Research some more!

Browse the internet regularly, and you may be surprised to find suitable career paths that you never knew about! With the internet at your service, it is now easy to explore your career options. Try not to button down your decisions solely on the basis of what you already know.

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4. Always Ask for Help

Many of us put ourselves through this daunting task all by ourselves, which leads to self-doubt and confusion. Why do this when you can seek help from experts, career guidance counselors, or even your own family members?

The internet will provide you with unlimited information about this topic, but no article can tell you about the hidden perks and pitfalls or introduce you to new opportunities based on your personality.

5. Craft a professional resume 

Last but not least, prepare an updated resume that speaks about your credentials and capabilities. If this is your first time, don’t feel intimidated. There are enough samples, templates, resources available online that will help you do this meticulously.

The process of choosing a career option is not a linear one. It’s more like a meandering road that could lead you to a completely different course in the end. According to reports, people switch careers at least five times in their lives.

So don’t fret about choosing the perfect career. What’s important is that you at least make a choice.

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