Focusing on Collective Gain: Why Is It Important?

Collective gain for an organization is the most important part of their goals. An organization doesn’t really take into consideration your individual achievements if they have not been centred around the greater good of the organization that you’re working for. And more importantly, this shows how committed the organization is towards growth and that in itself is great for your own personal growth.

From competition to team initiatives, if done healthily, these make an organization thrive.

If you continue to simply focus on your own achievements and personal goals, you may be successful in creating an impressive resume, but that resume is incomplete without a good recommendation and a good image in front of the employers.

Every person has a distinct personality setup. While extroverts are great with interactions and rank high on energy while thriving in a group, introverts are instrumental in providing the necessary stability at the workplace.

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And the importance of team efforts cannot be downplayed ever. This is because the collective qualities of every unique individual bring something innovative to the table, and that is how you just ace at your projects.

It doesn’t matter how many awards or accreditations you earn at your own disposal. What really would work when your contribution is being assessed for an organization is how much you put yourself out there for ensuring that your company generates the maximum results and revenues.

And for achieving that, you have to sometimes be the underdog. So many employees tend to make it all about themselves, and that is exactly where they end up losing out on their coveted promotions.

Here’s the thing. The collective gain for an organization will always be more crucial. In a team, another person’s gifts can mask another person’s weakness, and that’s how organizations work. If it were about an individual’s performance, they wouldn’t spend so much on hiring so many people to have them work together.

And every single talent is required to navigate through the project and effectively troubleshoot because different people have different approaches for addressing a situation or a challenge.

3 Tips to Manage your Business Better

With the entire world going gung-ho over start-ups, very few people manage to actually ace the management skills of their required business profile.

Apart from prior planning and effective time management, adequate resource mobilization at an appropriate time with just the perfect amount of financial investment is something that business management demands at its behest. To break down the top 3 mantras of proficient business management, the following few points come in handy:

1. Leverage technology

When the world is going by pixels from teaching to fixing doctor’s appointments, why not make use of the best available technology for your business?

While most of the business firms have suited up with the regular technological advancements for their business, the success of big business names is how readily they mould the upcoming technologies to the best of their use. The best example in this field is the embracement of field service management software that allows a firm to keep track of its work performance without being liable to anyone.

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2. Monitor & Scale-up

In the past few years, the introduction of mini-appraisals on a regular basis has allowed the firm managers to finely scrutinize the intricate gearing of their workload. The spot-on monitoring allows them to have a clear perspective of their work protocol and brings the future scale-up prospects at par with each other.

3. Honest Review Report

While an honest review from word of mouth could mean the world for the firm, it is not always possible to rely on others to take time out of their busy schedule and review the work performed.

Economists advise that the best solution for honest scrutiny is to undergo a self-review phase. Thanks to the latest technology, with a number of generic software flooding the business world, obtaining a review report of self-performance has become a piece of cake.

How to Stay Focused at Work: A Complete Guide 2022

It happens to all of us! You’re driven to strike off all the tasks on your to-do list, and just then, in a twinkling, you find your mind wayfaring across beautiful plains and valleys in some corner of the world!

Here are seven effective ways to stop dawdling while staying on alert at work:

1. One task at a time 

Jot down your tasks for the day even before you begin work. Cross out the ones you’ve completed. Complete the task at hand before moving on to another one because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to do justice to either of those tasks.

Single-tasking leads to better focus.

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2. Turn your incognito on 

A study found that cell phones, social media sites, and email account for about 60% of distractions at work.

Work out a system for only urgent messages to reach you. Turn your status invisible on instant messengers and social networking sites. Lock your phone away in the drawer. Don’t give in to temptations easily!

3. Get aboard the reward train 

Set short, realistic goals and reward yourself after completing each goal.

For example, buy yourself a cookie or watch a YouTube video of your choice after finishing the first five tasks on your list. You’ll be ticking things off the list sooner than you know.

4. Snack it away 

Certain foods/fluids like chocolate, citrus fruits, caffeine, and water help you to feel alerted and energized throughout the day at work. Whenever you feel distracted, reach out for healthy munchies.

This will prevent you from engaging in other unrelated activities.

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5. Music mollifies the mind 

Music is meditation, they say. It can be quite relaxing and inspiring at times. For many people, there isn’t a better way to help them push through the day without the right music.

It’s important to pick an appropriate genre so that your performance remains unaffected.

6. Put on those headphones 

Some external sources of stimuli like the chattering amongst colleagues, noisy carpentry work, sounds coming from outside the window tends to interrupt our work. Headphones are your solution to this problem.

It also gives an indication to others that you’re occupied with important work and don’t have time to chat.

7. Clean to concentrate 

With too many things in disarray, you are bound to get distracted.

Organize your stuff. Only keep what you really need within your reach.

Let’s face it, the distractions coming from our surroundings are not in our command. We can, however, discipline ourselves and use some of the methods mentioned above to keep our work at full throttle.

5 Steps to Choose a Career Path After High School

For many years, your school has provided you with a protected environment that shielded you from the hardships of the world out there. And now, it is finally coming to an end!

Remember when you were all lively and cheery as a kid? Whenever anyone would ask, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” and you would be quick to reply to this question with a “Doctor!”, “Miss World!” or even an ambitious, “Astronaut!”.

Cut to a couple of decades later, you realize that the same question is indeed not an easy one to answer. The path you choose in order to get your dream job may be laden with challenges. But, there are many ways to help you sail through this journey more smoothly.

Here are five steps that would guide you in choosing a career path after high school –

1. Pursue your passion

As the saying goes, don’t try to pick a job that has great vacation time; rather, pick a job that doesn’t make you want to escape from it. A very important factor to consider when choosing a career is your passion. What do you enjoy doing? What motivates you each day to get up?

Try looking for careers that would answer this question and match your interests.

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2. Take an Aptitude/Personality Test

Not sure about your abilities and shortcomings? Take a career assessment test to assist you in understanding this. Ask yourself, “What am I good at?”

If you love socializing or enjoy working around people, you may want to consider career options that involve interaction with people. Whereas if you enjoy working in solitude, or have a penchant for computers, consider programming or writing!

3. Research! And then, Research some more!

Browse the internet regularly, and you may be surprised to find suitable career paths that you never knew about! With the internet at your service, it is now easy to explore your career options. Try not to button down your decisions solely on the basis of what you already know.

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4. Always Ask for Help

Many of us put ourselves through this daunting task all by ourselves, which leads to self-doubt and confusion. Why do this when you can seek help from experts, career guidance counselors, or even your own family members?

The internet will provide you with unlimited information about this topic, but no article can tell you about the hidden perks and pitfalls or introduce you to new opportunities based on your personality.

5. Craft a professional resume 

Last but not least, prepare an updated resume that speaks about your credentials and capabilities. If this is your first time, don’t feel intimidated. There are enough samples, templates, resources available online that will help you do this meticulously.

The process of choosing a career option is not a linear one. It’s more like a meandering road that could lead you to a completely different course in the end. According to reports, people switch careers at least five times in their lives.

So don’t fret about choosing the perfect career. What’s important is that you at least make a choice.

5 Tips to do Better at your Job

Are you aspiring to be the one who always stays in the limelight at their workplace for good reasons? Yes, we know you do. Who doesn’t want to be applauded and be part of the “be like them” example? Here are a few of those tips to do better at your job-

1. Organize yourself

Organization might seem like a boring thing to do but trust us on this- organization is the first key to unlock the door to stardom at your workplace. Better organization translates into better efficiency.

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2. Be the seeker

Literally, just be the seeker. Go seek a new opportunity. Talk to your seniors at your workplace. Seek a new skill. Whatever it is, just be the seeker.

3. Ask for reviews

Reviews, either good or bad, will only help you to spearhead towards your own betterment. Bad reviews will give you new leads to work upon yourself, and good reviews will build your morale. It’s a win-win situation either way.

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4. Be the whistleblower

When you witness something off at your workplace, don’t hesitate to be the whistleblower. Speak up. Reciprocate your ideas. Help your workplace and make it a better place to be.

5. Learn new skills

Well, learning new technical skills is a tough thing to do and takes a comparatively long time, but there are hardly any other methods out there that can help you climb the ladder as much as skill increment can do.

Improve your productivity and do more – and you are sure to get more out of it all!

Considering Medical Benefits Before Accepting a Job Offer

Health care is an increased necessity as well as a more expensive bargain, which makes it imperative for new employees to look for jobs offering health benefits to keep their costs low and enjoy a decent standard of living while enabling a rewarding experience at work.

With the advent of so many health ailments today due to shifts in lifestyles, health benefits have become the norm while looking for a job. Here are a few benefits of health insurance in your job profiles.

1. You are more involved in work

When you get health benefits, you are more productive at work and take fewer offs. Your illnesses are reduced, which in turn decrease the number of sick leaves, and this is good for an employee’s growth as well as the productivity of the organization they work for. 

Moreover, coverage of mental health expenses is much better for your well being. Preventive health coverage keeps diseases at bay and helps you focus more on your job.

2. Cost-cutting

With the increased costs of healthcare services, health benefits are increasingly indispensable today. You need a health benefits program to save those bucks while maintaining your standards of living. 

Emergency healthcare takes up a lot of money, so health coverage helps take care of that too. This will also improve your quality of life, and you will be able to pay for treatments you may not have the resources to pay for otherwise.

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3. Increased job satisfaction

When you receive health benefits, you realize that your employer values you and cares for your well being, which helps in job satisfaction- enabling you to give more to your job and be more productive at work.

4. You engage yourself more at work

Job satisfaction helps you gather more resources and expertise at your organization and makes you a happier, healthier employee who will be more devoted to the organization.

Best Indian Companies to Work For

Everyone wants to find the right company that fits well. Employees look beyond financial benefits to work for the company. While the salary package is important, motivation and job satisfaction play a crucial role.

Every year, several organizations across various industries are studied and ranked. The organizations are compared based on the framework by asking several questions. The Economic Times releases this list every year to help job seekers find the best place to work.

Best Companies to Work for

1. Google

Google grabs the first spot as the most desirable company with just 1,683 employees. The company is very picky regarding the workforce, and you can get into it if you have problem-solving skills, knowledge, and speed.

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2. American Express India

American Express India is an old and established organization with more than 10,000 employees. About 90% of employees of the company are millennials which means that it is an ideal choice for the younger generation.

3. Ujjivan Financial Services

Ujjivan Financial Services is loved by the employees due to its meaningful work nature. The CEO of this company doesn’t have a personal assistant, and there are no job titles.

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4. Teleperformance India

Teleperformance India is another leading company that gets most of its business from the various call centers. Even though the company has more than 4000 employees, it runs successfully without an HR department.

5. Other top companies

  • Godrej Consumer Products comes next on the list offering empowerment of the employees.
  • Marriott Hotels is another top company in India that follows a flat hierarchy. It takes numerous initiatives to empower the employees.
  • SAP Labs is another ideal company suitable for the younger generation as 50% of the workforce consists of young people.
  • The Oberoi group hotels are loved by international clients for their exceptional service, and employees love the harmony.

Have you applied to any of the companies discussed above?

What makes an Effective CV?

You must have heard, “The first impression is the last one.” The proverb fits in most places, especially in the case of a job interview. What the interviewers exactly want to find in you is not some bookish knowledge. Instead, they search for the candidate who not only has the best set of skills required for the job but also out of box thinking capability.

A good CV can be used to establish a statement about your capabilities and experience and make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. A CV or resume is the first impression that you make on the interviewer.

There are certain tips to make a perfect CV. Not all CVs are good enough to impress or reveal necessary details. Here are some wonderful tips which will make you draft a perfect CV.

How to create a Perfect CV?

1. Job profile

First of all, it is important to note that a CV cannot be common for different job profiles. A company searching for a Data Analyst will search for candidates who have knowledge of Big data and Hadoop, whereas a media and advertisement company will look for candidates with interest in journalism or Media.

Hence, know the position you are applying for before drafting a CV for the same.

2. The length of the CV

It is important to include all your skill sets and qualification in the CV, but it must not exceed one and a half pages for fresher and two pages for experienced candidates.

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3. Font and Size

Clumsy or cosmic fonts are very inappropriate for a CV. Always use fonts like Cambria at size 20 for main headings, Calibri at size 11 for the entire drafting, and Calibri at size 11 bold for subheadings.

4. Featured words

Putting featured words in a CV is very important. Featured words are the words that you want to highlight in your CV. Bold the point or skills which are very relevant to the job profile. It makes a positive impression on the interviewer.

These are the few tips that will help you draft an effective CV. Remember to be honest and don’t exaggerate your experience or qualifications.

The 5 Best Job Portals In India

In the internet era, job portals serve as the best platforms to look for jobs. Irrespective of the experience you have, you can find jobs matching your qualification and skills. Top corporations widely use online job websites to recruit suitable candidates. If you are looking for a job, you have to know about the best job portals where you can find your dream job.

The 5 Best Portals to Get Your Dream Job

1. Naukri is a leading job portal used by millions of Indians every day. It helps you to find the latest jobs, and it also assists employers in finding skilled candidates. You can create your resume using the resume builder or upload the file.

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2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has done social networking with employers easy. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter are useful in maintaining personal relationships. Networking with experts and employers in the market is now a breeze with LinkedIn.

You can use the job search feature to look for new jobs and learn more from the experts in your field.

You can also directly contact the decision-makers and put in a job request.

3. TimesJobs

The TimesJobs website is a subsidiary of the famous Times Group, and it is growing to become one of the top job portals for Indians. Both employers and job seekers can greatly benefit from the features offered by the website. It is useful to create portfolios to showcase your skills to your potential employers.

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4. Monsterindia

Monsterindia is also a popular job search platform connecting Indians with employers from all over the world. If selected for an interview, you can get preparation tips on the website and guides on how to perform better at interviews.

5. Indeed

Indeed is another popular hassle-free job portal to look for various types of temporary and permanent jobs. The services are extremely reliable, and the website is user-friendly.

The five job portals have a huge number of opportunities from different industries. You can upload your CV and get job opportunities emailed directly to your inbox.

4 Careers to Pursue in Oral Health

The field of oral health can never be obsolete. With the majority of the population consuming refined carbohydrates and excessive sugars, leading to more instances of tooth decay, this field is very much in demand. 

Helping to maintain oral health and hygiene is a rewarding job indeed. Here are a few of the avenues in the field of oral health that one can choose from.

1. Dental Surgeons and Specialists

Dental Surgery is one of the highest paying professions worldwide. It is rewarding, respectable, and highly technique-sensitive. 

You can work on various areas of the head and neck other than teeth and gums. Prosthodontists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthodontists, and Endodontists are a few of the highly rewarding specialties one can opt for. 

You need a bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery along with a specialization in any of the nine branches of dentistry to be able to practice as a surgeon or a specialist dental surgeon.

2. Dental Auxiliary

Auxiliaries are people who assist Dental Surgeons in carrying out dental procedures. From dental nurses to lab and surgery assistants, there are numerous things to work on. 

You can help dentists take X-rays, sterilization rituals, impression taking, and give post-operative instructions to patients. Dental Auxiliaries are growing in demand due to the multitude of dental practices opening up now.

Photo by Caroline LM on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

3. Dental Hygienists

A Dental Hygienist is one level higher than a dental assistant. You will be involved in scaling and oral prophylaxis procedures, diagnosis and preventive treatment modalities, and checkups of patients. Moreover, you also help in educating patients about oral hygiene practices.

4. Lab Technicians

From fabricating bridges, crowns, and complete dentures to creating orthodontic and orthognathic appliances, a Lab Technician’s job is highly labor intensive and time-consuming, but the benefits are many. Lab Technicians receive dental impressions and jaw relations and work on them also to create obturators, cast partial dentures, fixed and removable dental appliances.