5 Struggles Every Indian Student Faces While Studying Abroad

Everyone has to struggle in the beginning. Indian students are pretty unique, and most of the time, their struggles are quite funny.

Are you planning to study abroad? You need to be prepared to face all these Indian student struggles! Everything is too comfortable for them, and that is a struggle too.

1. Everything is expensive

Well, the Indian rupee is not the strongest currency around. When you go to all these best destinations, you don’t spend anything because everything is too expensive when you convert the money.

You are forgetting that you will be earning in the same currency, and you can’t save every single coin.

2. Using the toilet paper

By: Kryzhov on Shutterstock

We Indians use a bucket and mug after using the washroom. And mind you, that’s the most hygienic way to clean your genitals, but these foreigners don’t seem to understand.

Using toilet paper is a mental hazard because, honestly, it is difficult to use and secondly, you waste so much paper.

3. Calling professors by their name

Back in India, you were used to calling your teachers and professors, sirs and madams. In foreign countries, it is perfectly normal to call them by their names by adding mister or missus in the beginning.

Such a huge cultural shock, isn’t it?

4. Anti-piracy laws

With net neutrality in most countries, you’ll go crazy when you get high-speed internet. No more fights with your local internet provider.

But that doesn’t mean you download movies and TV series from Torrentz. The police will come and arrest you. Use Netflix instead. It isn’t that expensive, and the quality is better than Torrentz.

5. Part-time jobs

Managing studies and a part-time job is challenging, and Indian students struggle because there’s no such concept back home. You need money and go to work. There is no escaping.

Well, if you are an Indian student studying abroad or planning to study abroad you are sure gonna face one of these problems. So, be prepared.

We wish you all the luck!!

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