5 Things to Know of Before Studying in Australia

Australia is a laid backcountry. Also, it is a favorite among Indian students. The number of Indian international students going to Australia for studies has increased in the past decade.

The cost of living is low, while the standard of living is relatively high. It is one of the biggest countries in the world, and that allows you to explore things around.

Before going to the country, here are a few things that you should be aware of:

1. Beware of birds

There are so many birds in Australia that you won’t need an alarm. They are cute and all but truly dangerous. They’ll wake you up in the morning, beg you for food, and won’t let you sleep in the night.

2. Every weekend will be beach weekend

If you go to one of the coastal cities of Australia, you and your friends will always end up at the beach. Why? It’s beautiful, and there’s plenty of food too.

3. You will probably join a surfing school

Surfing is fun, and you are going to enjoy it thoroughly. It is all about learning. Take classes only during the weekends or holidays because you will fall so often that you won’t go to college the next day.

4. Try kangaroo meat

By: Iryna Melnyk on Shutterstock

They are cute and adorable, and they taste good too. Kangaroo meat is usually eaten during the winters because the temperature drops low and the meat is hot. You might like it or not, but give it a chance.

5. Fall in love with Tim Tams

By: TY Lim on Shutterstock

Tim Tams is the national snack of Australia. They taste delicious with hot chocolate. And it tastes so good that it will take you to heaven.

In Australia, you don’t just study, but enjoy yourself a lot. You won’t get that type of experience anywhere else.

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