Top 5 Hotels in London – Know Everything Before You Book One

London’s hotels bring alive the perfect amalgamation of old-school royalty and new-age luxury. The hotels in London are either restored like the Savoy and The Connaught or laden with embellishments to suit contemporary tastes.

They are brimming with architectural marvels and numerous avenues to explore that vintage side of you.

Functional since the Edwardian and Victorian eras, these hotels are flamboyant, exquisite, and taste comfort.

1. The Savoy Hotel London, England

This hotel is situated away from the din of the Strand. It is built on Edwardian lines of architecture. It is located on an island between 2 packed streets.

The rooms are highly spacious and luxurious. There is a famous Red Lift from Gordon Ramsay’s inaugurated the Savoy Grill for the second time. This hotel is also famous for The American Bar.

2. The Dorchester, Mayfair

This hotel is situated in the Art Deco building, which was constructed in 1931 and had a multitude of greenery. It borders the iconic Park Lane in London.

Their hospitality is well known- politeness, charm, and ease coupled with efficiency. This Hotel brings alive the classic English style of living.

3. Brown’s Hotel London

This hotel is situated in Piccadilly’s streets and is 175 years old. It consisted of 2 townhouses frequented by Agatha Christie, Alexander Graham Bell, and Rudyard Kipling.

Now reconstructed with ancient and modern furnishing styles, the rooms have style and sophistication coupled with a warm and cozy feeling.

4. The Ritz, London

The hospitality and class of The Ritz are not exaggerated. The highlights of this hotel are The Long Gallery and the Palm Court which are ravishing.

The dining area is considered the best in Europe. The style of the hotel and the service give you a vintage feeling.

5. The Langham, London

This hotel is considered the best in London and managed by hoteliers from Hong Kong.

The English cum oriental ambiance of the hotel is amazing, and the highlight of this hotel is the Landau Restaurant which was designed in the form of an oval room by David Collins.

Get drenched in the royalty.

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