5 Things You Should Know About Germany Before Studying There

Germany is one of the favorite choices for higher education among students worldwide. The government has set very low tuition fees for international students.

As an international student, there are certain things that you need to prepare for before going to Germany. Anything other than home is difficult to adjust to. There are also multiple scholarships to apply for.

So here are a few things you should know about before studying in Germany:

1. Universities have oral exams

If you are used to writing essays and giving written exams, you will take some time to adjust to this. Oral exams are difficult because you have to give them right then and there.

Also, German universities have one massive paper for all the subjects at the end of the semester rather than having one paper per subject.

2. Doing laundry is complicated

German laundry machines are very different than US or Indian ones. The operations are very specific, and you will indeed be confused. So always take a German friend with you to help you initially.

3. Five trash cans system

By: Worradirek on Shutterstock

This is going to be the most difficult task for you. Germans have the five trash cans system or Mülltrennung. You have to separate your garbage properly into five cans.

Recycling and reducing carbon footprint is an important part of the German lifestyle.

4. Being on time

Being early or late is considered rude. If you are invited to come at 8 am you have to reach 8 am. You can’t be a minute early or late.

Also, understand the system of ST and CT. CT classes begin 15 minutes later than the given time.

5. Learn the German language

Yes, there are courses available in English. But if you plan to settle in Germany, it is good to take up a summer German language class because why not.

Some complicated German words are used often and don’t have any direct meaning in English.

If you have plans to study in German, you better get these 5 things sorted.

Good luck!

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