5 Tips for Quick Decision-Making

Decision-making can be a severe challenge for some people when priorities are messed up; making those choices can drive us insane.

But like everything else in life, decision-making is a systematic and logical process.

Here are a few tips to make good and quick decisions to avoid missing out on the more incredible things in life.

Make a deadline:

Set a time frame for making your decisions. The pressure of this deadline will prompt you to quickly weigh the pros and cons of a situation before concluding.

This will force you to act quickly, and you can also set a timer on your phone to achieve this. This helps you to stay alert and make decisions quickly.

Make it about extremes:

In certain situations, there are many options for you to weigh in. You might want to explore grey areas, which make it even more confusing to reach a decision.

Just compartmentalize your choices into good or bad. In this case, make it about black and white. This helps narrow down your options and make better decisions much quicker.

Pick it out randomly:

This seems kiddish, but it works when your decision is too hard to make. Write all your possible choices on separate pieces of paper, fold them up, put them in a jar, shuffle, and pick out one chit from the lot.

This random selection will help you make a choice, especially when there’s little difference between the alternatives.

You could also do this by choosing the priority of tasks you’re least willing to perform.

Make it all about now:

Don’t base your decisions on long-term goals. Sometimes looking at the bigger picture can make you choose the wrong things in life. This also exhausts you mentally as you start over-analyzing your alternatives.

Just keep yourself armed for the situation at hand and decide what suits your present interests best. If you keep pondering the future, you will lose out on your present.

Be prepared for the worst:

One thing that keeps us from making a decision is the fear of a negative outcome. This leads to overthinking, and we put off the decision for later.

This means that we no longer have control over our lives. This is worse than a bad choice. Fear of failure should not keep us from deciding the course of our lives.

Please take it in your stride and have the courage to face any outcome that comes your way.

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