6 Tips to Relax During Exams

Exam days are full of stress and panic, especially when you haven’t studied all year. Exams can give you nightmares, so it is better to relax while preparing.

Here are a few tips on how to do so:

Work out as much as possible:

This helps reduce your cortisol levels and shoots up your endorphin levels. This also increases the blood flow to your brain hence increasing your concentration.

Eat healthy:

Avoid sugary and fattening foods. This leads to drowsiness and lethargy. Have a high-protein breakfast with green vegetables and healthy sprouts for lunch.

This will keep you active and refreshed. Avoid caffeinated drinks and look for other alternatives.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Avoid caffeinated drinks and drink copious amounts of water. This will help you focus for longer intervals, and you’ll be less drained out.

You can also have coconut water which is an excellent hydrant. This will keep you fresh for a long time.

Spend time outdoors:

Go outside your room and breathe some fresh air. Spend some time in the garden. This keeps you refreshed and stress-free and also helps you focus better when you’re back to your books.

Sleep well and take more breaks:

Take a 15 minute break every one hour. Otherwise, whatever you study will vanish, and you’ll not be able to retain anything. And, never pull off an all-nighter.

Lack of sleep will leave you less energetic to write an exam the next day. The brain needs 7 to 8 hours of good sleep to perform well on exam day. Make sure your room is dark and cool when you sleep.

Don’t Cram:

Don’t mug up your syllabus at the last moment. A large amount of syllabus will increase your stress, and whatever you study will escape your memory in no time.

So approach every topic proactively without rushing or urging to cram it up.

If you have exams anytime soon, do follow these tips.

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