5 Tips to Dress Up For A Student Visa Interview

The way you dress makes a lot of difference. Even your shirt and pants color tells many things about your personality. It goes without saying that you have to dress formally to make your point clear.

Here are five tips for dressing up for a student visa interview:

1. Ideal clothes for ladies

A neatly ironed salwar kameez with dupatta on the side is a great choice. You also wear an ironed blouse with trousers but avoid wearing a saree.

Choose light shades of colors like cream, light pink, or white is the best to go with for your blouse. You can wear a dark grey suit as well.

2. Ideal clothes for men

Ideally, a pair of dark grey or black trousers with a light-colored shirt and a tie does the job. If it isn’t too hot, you can wear a suit, which should be dark grey.

Even if the pants aren’t loose, wear a black or dark brown belt with a big loop, avoid the belts with a big metal clasp.

3. Footwear

Ladies can go for a formal shoe not higher than one inch. Keep it black preferably or in a color that matches your outfit. Men should avoid wearing sports shoes and stick to dark brown leather shoes with light-colored socks.

4. Hair

Ladies, you should tie your hair back in a neat ponytail, don’t do any hairstyle. Men should cut their hair five days before the interview to don’t look too trimmed on the day of the interview.

Men should remember not to wear a beard. A clean shave is preferred.

5. Perfume

No overpowering perfume at all. You can use a roll-on that day as it doesn’t give you any fragrance and covers the body odor.

How you present yourself makes a lot of difference during interviews, so be sure to prepare yourself well in terms of dressing up.

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