The Ultimate Guide To Survive Your First Week At University

Are you starting university soon? Well, the first week is a bit difficult because everything is new. Many students are scared about the first week, as much as they get nightmares about it.

It gets even more difficult if you are new to the country and don’t know much.

Here are four tips that will help you survive your first week at the university:

1. Register yourself

This is the non-fun part but indeed very important. Register for your international student ID, find accommodation and complete all the formalities, get a map of the campus, and learn more about different clubs your university has.

You can also register for some clubs in case you are interested. Many universities have a free gym and library membership, so register yourself well.

2. Attend orientation and student meetings

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Orientation is like a welcome meeting for freshers. Attend the orientation and get to know more about the course modules and what is expected from you in the following year.

Join the international student body and attend the first meeting if you are an international student. Nothing much goes on other than finding out who lives in the same area and all.

3. Start making friends

The first week of college is only when you will get to make friends. Discover the city together, drink some shots only if you are of legal age, and find local things to do.

Make a combination of local friends and friends from your home country.

4. Explore your university’s canteen

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Your university’s canteen is where you will eat most of the time. Visit it and get an idea of what all food is available there.

Most canteens have a fixed menu for all days of the week, which they rotate monthly. Pick your favorite and eat out there during those days. You stay healthy and well as not spend much on takeout either.

Your first week at the university will determine how your rest of the days will go, so make sure you play it well in the first week.

And these tips will surely help.

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