5 Top Ranking Universities in Scandinavia

Scandinavia comprises four countries – Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Together, these countries provide world-class education. The Scandinavian region is ideal for masters and Ph.D. courses as they spend a lot on research and experiments.

5 Top-Ranking Universities in Scandinavia:

1. Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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Ranked first in Scandinavia, Karolinska Institute has state of art medical facilities. It ranks 28th in the world. The university is constantly making a path-breaking contribution in the field of human health. It also has top-quality business and engineering courses. The institute lets you interact with locals to make your research better.

2. University of Helsinki, Finland

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The University of Helsinki ranks 76th globally. It is the best university in Scandinavia for engineering and technology courses. It has a total strength of 40,000 students and staff. The university is also one of the oldest in the Scandinavian region.

3. Uppsala University, Sweden

Another Swedish university in the top 5, Uppsala University ranks 81st in the world. It was established in 1477. Every year, the Uppsala University welcomes over 45,000 students. It has an extraordinary student life, which attracts students from across the world to Uppsala University. Engineering and technology is the most popular field at the university.

4. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Ranked 82nd in the world, the University of Copenhagen in Denmark is famous for its humanities, social sciences, and law courses. Denmark is a beautiful country to live in and very safe. All teaching is research-based and students are encouraged to take up research as well.

5. Lund University, Sweden

Another Swedish university in the top five Scandinavian universities offers leading courses in international business, natural sciences, and social sciences. It has some beautiful master’s courses in languages and its culture. Many students also go to study medicines and humanities at the university.

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