5 Ways to Turn Your Love for Video Games into a Career

Are you big on gaming? What if you could get paid to make video games?

We’ve rounded up a few ways to help you land your dream job in the game industry:

1. An educational background is a huge plus

A lot of gamers are self-taught since this initially starts as a hobby. Although it is not necessary to get formal training in this industry, a degree in the related field will give you an edge over other candidates when you apply for jobs.

2. Develop an online portfolio

Build your online presence by making a website that showcases your work, and doesn’t forget to share this link with your prospective employers.

Try to start with small projects since they’re more attainable and motivate you to do better. Once you have solid proof of your capabilities, you’ll have a fair chance of getting the job.

3. Apply to smaller studios if you score a 2:2

Similar to how things function in other industries, smaller gaming companies receive fewer interview requests, increasing your chances of getting the job.

However, you might face challenges while applying to bigger studios due to a low score. Nonetheless, once you’ve gained adequate experience, this wouldn’t be much of a concern.

4. Your abilities must square with your dream job

Experts recommend that you do plenty of research and exploration within the gaming industry before you apply for any job. You have to be sure that your skills and qualifications are in sync with the description of the job you’re seeking.

5. Game developers must possess programming knowledge

A passion for gaming may not be enough to make it big in the industry. There’s a high demand for candidates with excellent programming skills required to develop games.

So prepare yourself and get the job you dream of!

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