Ways to Use LinkedIn for Recruitment

LinkedIn is a social networking site specially meant for professionals. It has almost 30 million members from all over the world and can be considered an essential tool for recruiting employees.

So how can you use LinkedIn to maximize your chances of recruiting? We have a few tips for you.

1) Post Jobs

With LinkedIn, you no longer have to post a job and wait in the hope that someone right for you will see your job and contact you.

Once you post a job on LinkedIn, it will immediately recommend the correct potential employers with the required skill set in their profile. You can change job requirements whenever you want, as per your convenience.

2) Advanced search function of LinkedIn

Utilize this advance search option to its fullest. Set and save specific search parameters from narrowing your search as much as possible.

You can specify location, distance, skills, and every little thing in your searches. The more specific you are, the more you will get candidate results closer to your requirements.

3) Create a keyword-rich Company profile

Ensure that your Company page is built, including as many relevant keywords as possible. When candidates search for a job, they often use specific words to find the required jobs.

If you understand the search trends for your Company’s field well, using such words on your Company’s page will greatly improve your chances of discovering potential clients.

Connect with various people through LinkedIn and stay in touch with everyone. In addition to the above methods, you need to build a good network that exposes you to a pool of promising candidates.

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