5 Ways to Utilise Your Degree in Political Science

Political science takes a lot of hard work and mugging up. But when you do pass out with that degree, you’re well-versed in the functioning of laws and the government.

You gain a good understanding of societal aspects of the world today. Here are 5 well-paying jobs that you can fetch with that political science degree in hand.

Government and Advocacy Jobs:

Many government agencies are looking for political science graduates for their job profiles. You can be in the legislature, work for the CIA, city planning, and law-making.

You will also fit many other bureaucratic job descriptions and organizations. You could also engage yourself in a community cause and work for non-profit organizations.

Law Careers:

Political science graduates are highly sought-after in positions requiring government structure and regulations expertise. Also, the interpretation of political ideas and their understanding and analysis can be a good domain.

If you want to work in a corporate setting, you can choose corporate law and public sector organizations. You can also get into mainstream law and consumer law.

You will need to go to law school after your political science degree, but this degree will give you an edge even when you’re at the law school.

Lobbyist Professions:

If you want to make a huge impact with your political science degree, consider being a lobbyist—a lobbyist vouch for legislation and laws to be put into force and engage in policy-making.

You can utilize your political science degree to be a lobbyist for non-profit organizations. You can also work at a corporate level as they are well in demand. You should be good at networking and public speaking, though.

Journalism Occupations:

If you’re interested in film, television, and print media or radio, you can be a journalist for political domains. A good understanding of governance and government regulations can give you an upper hand here.

You can talk about various policy changes or work as a political news correspondent. Command over speech writing, operating cameras, and broadcasting will help you out.

Teaching Positions:

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You can be involved with academics and teach political science to students at the school and college levels. You can also teach history, social studies, and governmental studies.

The salary packages are excellent, and this is a very fulfilling job, and you require a bachelor’s degree and a teacher’s certification for the same.

Well, with a political science degree, there’s a long way for you to go.

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