4 Quirky Careers for Physics Graduates

Are physics graduates only cut for the drab routine jobs in the tech, science, and automobile industry? If you stand disappointed by this question, say no more!

You can still opt for unconventional careers that help you experiment with your quirky, curious, and unique set of abilities.

You don’t always have to end up in a laboratory when you’re into science. The possibilities with physics are immense. Physics constitutes every single article we use and every single life process.

Here are a few quirky and unconventional careers in Physics you can opt for if basic is not your thing.



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If the stars and galaxies fancy you, and you’ve grown up reading about the Milky Way and the constellations and faraway clusters and nebulas, you need to consider this field asap!

An undergraduate degree is sufficient for an administrative stint in a space research setting, but you need a master’s degree as a minimum for more specialized positions.


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Have you always dreamt of traveling in space and achieving new heights of awesome? And you have this fit body that can survive any adverse condition at any given time in life?

Suppose you have answered yes to all these questions. In that case, you can opt for being an astronaut, but remember, the training and the entire career are extremely rigorous and take a lot of grit.

Still, the overall experience is so rewarding that you won’t be able to back down once you get in.


So you always thought only biology students could get into healthcare? You’re mistaken. Medical Physics is one of the most upcoming and lucrative physics majors.

From radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology to the maintenance of medical equipment and developing new technologies, there is a vast sea of job opportunities waiting for you.


Working with renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and finding ways to save the environment while fulfilling mankind’s greatest need: the need for fuel and energy is a rewarding experience in itself.

Whether it’s petroleum, geothermal energy, or solar and wind and hydel energy, there are many opportunities for doing unconventional things in these fields, developing sustainable and innovative methods and inventions for conserving and managing energy.

So, if you are a physics nerd, you can try out for these exciting jobs.

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