5 Ways to Utilise Your Psychology Degree

Pursuing Psychology can be a draining experience. And more so when you’re stuck with a boring routine of listening to people talk and trying to solve their problems since the time you wake up.

You surely want something more out of this degree, and here’s how you can do it. We give you five unconventional career choices you can pursue if you’re a psychology major.

1. Career Counselling at a Non-Profit Organisation

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You will be able to shape the careers of kids who have been led astray due to bad company, unfortunate incidents, loss of family members, or just students from underprivileged backgrounds.

You will also work closely with them to understand their problems and help them pursue meaningful careers ahead. You can’t imagine how many lives you’ll be impacting through this career path.

2. Human Resource Managers

Human Resource departments at any organization are about understanding the problems of employees and human relationships to increase the comfort and productivity of employees to run the organization more effectively. A psychology degree helps you do just that.

3. Writer

If you’re closely attached to your experiences as a psychologist and have a penchant for writing, you can publish your book based on your experiences and knowledge. You can also write columns for newspapers and publications.

4. Financial Analyst

This job also requires a way with people and an understanding of the clients’ needs to best suit the organization’s profits. You will require specialization in finance, but a psychology degree will give you an upper edge.

5. Pain Psychologist

Suppose you want to continue with psychology and utilize your major for the greater good. In that case, you can become a Pelvic Pain Psychologist and help survivors of sexual trauma, sleep problems, depression, and other conditions that are caused due to trauma.

This is an upcoming field, and many hospitals require pain psychologists for their trauma patients. You will have to come up with ways to deal with it using psychological therapy and healing.

With your psychology degree in hand, you will have a lot of career prospects.

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