Online Recruitment Preferred Over Offline Recruitment?

This is the age of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and other popular social networking sites. We live in a digital age where everything is given to us on a platter with lightning-fast speed and effective results.

With extensive personalization of websites and e-commerce portals and increased social media involvement in our personal lives, the need to profile has increased. Recruiters and employers have now started to tap on this feature to find talent online.

Here are a few reasons why offline recruiting is slowly becoming backdated, and online recruiting through social media and websites is preferred.

Easier process

All that paperwork and cumbersome interviews full of documentation are now a thing of the past. It is inconvenient to store and access all that when today you can find out everything about a potential employee with a mere click on recruitment sites such as LinkedIn.

These sites provide a comprehensive profile of the person and make it easier for recruiters to select and hire the best.

Recruiting is less biased.

Gone are the days when recruiters would apply their prejudices and stereotypes while employing someone. Nothing is taken at face value when it comes to online recruiting. Every credential is displayed online, so there is no possibility of bias.

Enhances recruiter efficiency

Big data is now the next big thing in talent identification. With surplus data aggregation, it is now easier, quicker, and cheaper to produce and shortlist more data.

Data aggregation algorithms will now grow exponentially. Data integration — which involves combining people’s multiple profiles into one — is the next big thing, and just like predictive searches, it will be easier to know a prospective employee better.

Offline recruiting is still the most common method, but as we progress digitally, it is only natural that we begin to prefer the option of doing it online.

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