6 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues Before Reaching Your Workplace

We all dread and loathe Mondays and wish they’d never come. Especially after a crazy weekend of Saturday night parties and Sunday movie marathons, Monday seems even more terrible.

But the bad news is, they are inevitable. You may run from them, but you can’t hide from them. So what do you do?

Let us then face the demons and vanquish them for a change. Here is how you can make your Mondays a lot less dreadful.


1. Find the cause

Why do you particularly hate Mondays? Find the problem, analyze it and then look for a solution because cribbing about it every week will only drain you out.

2. Dress to kill

Wear something nice, so it won’t reflect on your outfit or face even if you feel bad. Good clothes with matching accessories will do a lot to cheer you up.

Every time you look in the mirror or someone compliments you, you will become a little more optimistic.

3. Organize your schedule

Monday gets on your nerves because of your haphazard schedule, which you forget to straighten on a Sunday night. Manage your schedule and include all your goals there to keep track. Keep your to-do list handy, so you’re not caught unaware at any point.

4. Forget about work on the weekend.

Focus on relaxation instead of pondering about work and the office during the weekend. It’s mostly the sinking feeling of going back to work without enough rest that makes us crib so much about Mondays.

So don’t check your work emails and forget about the targets for a while. Just enjoy the weekend and think about work later.

5. Share your weekend adventures with your colleagues

Always have an exciting weekend story ready so you can freshen your mind up before going in for the dreadful work drill. This will keep you positive and entertaining.

6. Have less workload on Mondays

Keep a lighter schedule on Monday and plan for all the heavy work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because you will have got more accustomed to the work by then.

Do all the drag tasks on Friday itself so that you don’t have to tax yourself on Monday. You will get your complex tasks done quicker due to the weekend excitement.

Keep Monday as a day of recovery from the weekend hangover.

Do try these tips and let us know if you were able to beat the Monday blues or not.

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