Top 5 Design Schools in Asia

Asia has been a hub of design and art since time immemorial. From the Great Wall of China, the relics and sculptures of the Harappa civilization in India, to the monasteries in Tibet, Asia has an eye for beauty with meticulous attention to detail.

It reflects in the design schools that make it to the top colleges worldwide for premier education in art and design.

Here is a list of the top 5 Asian design and art institutions.

Tsinghua University

Located in China and established in 1911, this University boasts of an extensive curriculum offering courses in art and design and science, humanities, law, medicine, philosophy, and economics, along with 56 other departments.

This University ranks 24th in the QS world rankings and comes from a rich heritage surrounding its premises in Beijing.

Tongji University

Founded in 1927, this University is home to specialized state-of-the-art art, design, architecture, and civil engineering and boasts of a superlative industrial base. It is one of the oldest and most reputed universities in Asia.

Seoul National University

The University has stood the test of time as it was abandoned during the Korean war in 1950. Since then, it has risen and catered to many specialties but stood out in the field of art and design.

National University of Singapore

According to QS world rankings, having an enviable reputation of being the top Asian University for art and design, its world-class infrastructure and global exposure, along with available avenues for entrepreneurship, make it a desirable institution for those with the artistic eye.

IIT Bombay

Established in 1958, this institution was under the aegis of UNESCO and boasted of an impressive faculty and provides excellent opportunities in various disciplines, emphasizing research, knowledge building, and skill honing.

So, if you are into art, crafts, and design, do take a look at these schools for your further course of education.

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