7 Jobs for Graduates with a Linguistics Degree

Now that you hold a linguistics degree, here are 7 jobs you can opt for to help launch your career-

1) Computational linguist

It is an interdisciplinary field requiring computational and natural language skills. You can earn anywhere from $6000 – $11000 per year.

You need to hold an undergraduate degree in linguistics with a master’s in computational linguistics or similar fields.

2) Linguistics professor

You can teach linguistics, philosophy, psychology in universities. While just starting, you can earn anything from $32000 – $91000, which will increase later.

A master’s degree and a Ph.D. are required, and you need to have a professional teaching certificate in some cases.

3) Translator

Translate 2000-3000 words per day and earn anywhere from $24000 – $53000.

You need a degree specializing in two languages other than your mother tongue. Having a master’s degree will significantly improve your chances of being hired.

4) Teach a foreign language

Become an instructor in classrooms teaching foreign languages to your pupils. You can earn anywhere from $31000 – $72000 per year.

For this, you need an undergraduate degree and specialization in your chosen language.

5) Foreign linguists

This job involves analyzing language in various fields. You even get a chance to work with the CIA or FBI. You can earn from $37000 – $100000 per year.

A bachelor’s, master’s, and a Ph.D., as well as legal knowledge, is required.

6) Technical writer

Produce technical content and earn $37000 – $86000. For this, a bachelor’s degree is required.

7) Lexicographers

Compile dictionaries and earn $50000 – $55000.
You need a degree in Linguistics, English, and modern languages. Having a postgraduate degree improves your chances.

Linguistics is a great field when you are passionate about languages. Apart from following your passion, use your interests to earn an income.

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