How to Deal with A Boss Who’s a Bully

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many of you have probably just started working or have switched companies. This means an entirely unfamiliar environment and a brand new boss. While some are lucky to work under genuinely nice people, many others are not.

We hear people complaining about oppressive bosses all the time. A recent survey conducted by CIPD found that 91% of employees say that their employers fail to take up the ‘bullying’ issues at work seriously.

If you’re stuck with a boss who intimidates you or rides roughshod over your opinions, you don’t have to grin and bear it. Instead, try doing the following to help you tackle the situation effectively.

1. Open up to your mentor

It’s not the best idea to deal with such issues all by yourself. The company might have assigned you a mentor upon joining to give you an orientation about your job or the company.

Try confiding in this person, and he may be able to make a much-needed intervention while offering you a piece of sensible advice.

2. Confront your boss

Though this may seem like an obvious choice, many people are afraid of confrontation. Have a candid conversation with your boss about your feelings and politely explain how this affects your work and mental health.

Studies have shown that workers who stood up for themselves and fought against their bosses had to endure less emotional distress than those who did not.

It isn’t easy to be empathetic and understand why he could be behaving the way he is. Make sure you focus on solving the problems rather than playing the blame game. This will mitigate the tension and help resolve your issues.

3. Take it up with the HR

If the situation is beyond your control, file a formal complaint with your human resources team. Sometimes, these things can escalate to a point where merely talking to someone is of no use.

The formalities can cause you to have cold feet, but hang in there and let the concerned authorities sort this for you.

4. Keep up your confidence

Bullying can cause severe repercussions in the victim’s life. You may feel like quitting. But step aside and think of all the positive feedback you’ve received from your customers and colleagues in the past.

Think about the times when you’ve performed well and have been praised for it. It might just help you to find a reason to stay and gain your confidence back.

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