9 Highest Paying Countries Abroad for English Teachers

Teaching is a great job that has the added benefit of having a good time with the kids while earning money. Here is a list of nine countries where you can teach English and earn anywhere from $2000 – $4000 per month!

1) United Arab Emirates (UAE)

You can earn almost $2000 – $4000 per month.
Requirements include having teaching experience and being certified to teach in your home country. Consider teaching in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the best experience.

2) Oman

You can earn up to $3500 per month here. Oman has a cheap cost of living (around $700 per month), and thus you will be able to increase your savings.

3) Saudi Arabia

You can earn up to $3000 per month. You need a TEFL certificate for teaching here, and teaching experience will give you an advantage.

4) Japan

If you have a TEFL certificate, consider teaching in Japan, which will fetch you up to $3000 per month along with accessible housing facilities and flight reimbursements.

5) Kuwait

Teachers with certificates and experience are preferred here, and you can earn up to $2600 (tax-free) per month.

6) South Korea

With a TEFL certificate and a bachelor’s degree, you can teach in South Korea. Earnings include up to $2500 salary, free housing, and flight reimbursements. There are also overtime and bonus opportunities.

7) Vietnam

You require a TEFL certificate and a bachelor’s degree. You can earn up to $2000 per month. Vietnam also has a low cost of living.

8) Taiwan

Earn up to $2000 per month by teaching here. You require a bachelor’s degree.

9) China

Earn up to $2000 per month with a bachelor’s degree.

Thus there are plenty of English teaching opportunities abroad that pay well. So get your certificates ready and start applying!

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