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A Guide To Being The Employee Of The Month: 15 Helpful Tips

In the workplace, being named employee of the month is a huge honor. Employers use the programme to incentivize high-quality work, but being publicly recognized for your achievements is fulfilling as well.

Increased respect from peers and a great addition to your resume are further benefits.

However, getting to this stage needs some meticulous execution.

When working in a large corporation, it is crucial to make an impression. You will never be able to advance in the organisation if you are unable to accomplish what your work holds.

Being named employee of the month or year is a difficult feat to accomplish. It necessitates a great deal of effort and commitment. If you strive for perfection in all of your tasks, you will almost certainly be given this accolade at work.

Employee Of The Month: A Guide

Below are some tips to get patted on your backs with a “good job” and earn that employee of the month award.

1. Find Policies

Determine the policies. Find out what your company’s or workplace’s qualifications are for being chosen employee of the month. Depending on the workplace and the type of work you do, different qualities and needs will be necessary.

A high level of performance, good teamwork and interpersonal skills, and the power to make others look up to you are all common requirements.

Some companies allow coworkers to nominate each other in the ’employee of the month’ race for outstanding overall performance.

2. Meet Requirements

You can work toward meeting the criteria for being chosen employee of the month once you’ve learnt about them. Even if you aren’t considered as the employee of the month, doesn’t imply you won’t be chosen soon—it may take some time for your efforts to be noticed.

Allowing others to get extras before you do, turning in high-quality work, and being pleasant in your contacts with other employees and customers are all good things to start doing.

3. Be Punctual

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Punctuality is a crucial aspect of every profession since it demonstrates dependability. Start arriving a few minutes before your shift begins if you aren’t already a punctual employee to assist you to get into work mode without wasting company time. Employees who are on time are disciplined, and disciplined employees are more productive.

Try laying out your clothing, lunch, and day bag the night before so you can grab everything on your way out.

Set all of your clocks forward five or ten minutes to fool yourself out.

4. Good Attendance

It’s just as vital to be able to get to work every day as it is to be on time. Employees who show up for work every day are regarded as trustworthy. Employers prefer employees who provide poor quality work but show up every day rather than great performers who are missing frequently.

When you are frequently absent, it has an impact on your coworkers. If you’re on a team, your absence slows everyone down, not a good thing for someone who wants to be an employee of the month.

5. Deadlines

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Meeting all of your deadlines demonstrates your dependability, similar to being there at work every day. When a supervisor sees your work on their desk when it is intended to be there, it increases their respect for you and may even put you in line for a promotion. People prefer to work with trustworthy employees.

How trustworthy you are has a big impact on your professional reputation. As you complete projects on schedule, you establish a reputation for dependability in the eyes of your manager, making you a strong candidate for employee of the month. You’re also a wonderful role model for employees who aren’t as motivated as you are. Finish all job-related responsibilities, even if they aren’t technically due on a specific date.

6. Work Ethics

You might be startled to hear that simple actions like replenishing the supply closet and filling up the printer when you’re done constitute ethical workplace decisions. Given that many employees avoid such mundane chores, your willingness to do them demonstrates a good work ethic.

Being honest, avoiding talking or disclosing secrets, honoring promises, and following rules are all examples of a healthy work ethic.

7. Company Loyalty

employee of the month loyalty
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In public and on social media, keep your mouth guarded. It’s fine if you don’t like your company or disagree with certain of its procedures. However, if you discuss that emotion with people who could pass on your view to your supervisor, you risk losing your trustworthy reputation and being labeled a gossip.

Instead, promote your business whenever you get the opportunity, leaving your name with potential clients so that your boss sees you as a free-advertising asset.

8. Highlight Your Strengths

In areas where you excel, go above and beyond the call of duty. This entails putting in extra effort where you know it will pay off, such as assisting other office crew with deadlines or volunteering for projects in which you will succeed.

Don’t expect someone in authority to notice your efforts. Simply carry them out, and you’ll be amazed at who notices.

9. Exhibit Mediocre Performances

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An employee of the month shows excellence in work.

Try to do more than what each assignment requires. Many employees can meet the minimum standards, but to be considered for employee of the month, you must stand out to your boss. Include more details in your reports, conduct more extensive research, or follow up on a customer’s demands than your training requires.

Offer to work extra hours and even request it—because of the higher pay, your willingness to work when no one else wants to demonstrates your dependability.

10. Be Ambitious

Another quality you need to become the employee of the month is ambition.

We’ve all heard of ambition propelling us to the top of the corporate ladder or motivating us to attain specific objectives. Personal ambition is also required to be chosen as employee of the month. Companies, on the other hand, prefer to see ambition directed toward the organization as a whole, leaders who want to see the entire team succeed, not just themselves. Take initiative when you sense an opportunity, but make sure you can convey that initiative to your co-workers, particularly if you are a member of a team.

Take advantage of incentives such as food, enjoyable occasions, and competitions with prizes to motivate your crew.

11. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

customer service
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Getting titled the employee of the month does not always include polishing your attributes. One must consider their team and co-workers too.

Many businesses deal directly with their customers, so if you operate in customer service in any form, be courteous and patient. Customer satisfaction surveys will show that your actions are appreciated, making supervisors happy to have you on board.

Finding an employee who can help bring in more money is a surefire candidate for employee of the month. Maintain consumer trust by doing what you claim you’ll do. Even if your customer is rude, be patient and courteous.

12. Offer To Fill-in For Extra Shifts

Mind you, you don’t and shouldn’t have any ‘rival’ co-workers. Volunteering to cover employees’ shifts when it is tough for them to get off is a fantastic approach to gain respect and goodwill among coworkers.

Attending a function or staying at home to care for a sick child can sometimes be more essential than the money a coworker would make, and finding a substitute can make them extremely grateful.

A happier work atmosphere is the result of such positive thoughts toward someone you work with.

Being accessible to help your co-workers in this way enhances your reputation as a trustworthy worker and increases your chances of getting titled the employee of the month.

13. Create a Happy Environment and Be Good to Others

Being good with people not only aids in the maintenance of positive customer service relationships, but it also aids in the maintenance of a nice work environment. Employers will look favorably on you if you become renowned for your cheerfulness and ability to resolve problems with coworkers—this means less drama and more concentration on work, which means more revenue.

Being able to interact successfully with coworkers is essential for being a good people person. Learn to read nonverbal indications (body language) and reduce your own stress level, for example.

14. Empower Your Colleagues

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Congratulate coworkers who have received the employee of the month award. Demonstrate that you are supportive rather than jealous. Your team spirit is reflected in how you act in front of others.

This is known as servant leadership, and it’s ironic that it’s frequently a requirement for receiving the employee of the month award.

15. Quality Work and Being Humble

Becoming the employee of the month doesn’t mean being perfect. When you’re in over your head, ask for help. This readiness to admit when you’re wrong demonstrates that you’re teachable, which can be a comfort to a boss who is constantly training arrogant employees.

Humility can also prevent you from taking chances that could put your organization in jeopardy.

Be willing to seek assistance when necessary, but also demonstrate that you can learn quickly and implement a new method of doing things from that point forward.

Movie Starring Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson

You’d be thrilled to know that the American director, Greg Coolidge has created a comedy film based on this fine topic. The movie is called, The Employee Of The Month. It is a good laugh to watch and get some inspiration from.

The plot is largely focused on competitiveness among colleagues (which is a no-no for you in a real-life office setting), but it also paints a fairly accurate picture of interpersonal connections inside a team. The film values leadership and contribution along with an added hint of humor and fun.

All these tips and this little movie will help you become the winning employee. To gain excellence at work and bag that employee of the month award!

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