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8 Political Science Jobs with Great Job Growth


Political science provides students with a plethora of fascinating job prospects. Political science is an excellent option for students interested in learning about and assessing the functioning of politics, government, and society.

Fun fact! Aristotle was called The Father of Political Science. One of the first people to propose a working definition of political science was Aristotle. Politics is derived from the Greek word polis, which implies “city-state” and was coined by Aristotle.

He believed that it’s a powerful field of science with specific jurisdiction over other branches, such as military science.

Moreover, In India, Chanakya’s Arthashastra was written in the 3rd century B.C. and is considered one of the earliest political science works in the country. The Arthashastra is a book on political theory that covers a wide range of topics, including international relations, military methods, and economic policies. Political science jobs

Political science is a great subject for anyone interested in studying how political organizations work as well as developing critical thinking and analytical skills. Even if you don’t intend to work in politics, political science can be a great starting point for a variety of occupations including media, education and marketing.

Because of these factors, political science is one of the most popular degrees among humanities students today.

Political Science Curriculum

Political science is concerned with the philosophy and practice of political systems, although the skills learned in these classes can be applied to a variety of fields.

Political science majors learn the following:

1. Political Theory and Methodology

Theory: Students learn from a blend of historical perspective of Greek philosophers and modern political groups and thinkers about human nature, citizen conduct, and the moral purpose of government.

Methodology: Students use experiments, statistics, econometrics, and formal theory to practice and develop new approaches for the scientific study of politics.

2. International Relations

Students investigate the interconnections of foreign teams such as nations, companies, and international organizations such as the United Nations. This area deals with a wide range of international issues, including conflict, commerce, finance, development, and national politics and security.

3. American Government and Politics

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Students study the American political system, including the president, congress, courts, and state legislatures; they also study American policies and political concepts, as well as the role of the media. Political science jobs

4. Comparative Politics

Political science majors develop their knowledge by studying the development and efficacy of various political systems, as well as how these systems can support values such as order and freedom. This topic focuses on how systems diverge and converge in order to discover general laws and ideas.

List Of Political Science Jobs That Political Science Majors Can Consider

Political science majors can land a job in federal government, state or local government, nonprofit organizations, public and private sectors, international affairs, media, marketing, education and corporate.

Considering your everyday existence is political, it’s crucial to understand politics in general. Wherever you see, including your own home, there is a hierarchy. Understanding politics will enable you to notice and comprehend current events in the world, as well as why they occur in the first place.

Many colleges offer graduate and higher-level political science degrees, and these courses have been in great demand in recent years due to the increased interest in political science as an area of study.

The following is a list of some excellent political science careers for students to consider. Political science jobs

Note: All the statistical data is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Payscale, making every information valid.

1. Legislative Assistants

Legislative assistants use their political science major’s written and verbal communication skills to coordinate communication with constituents and keep them informed about affairs in their district.

They gauge constituent interest in current political problems and offer their elected representatives’ perspectives and political ideas in a favourable light.

Legislative assistants answer constituent questions and aid residents in resolving issues under their jurisdiction.

Legislative assistants conduct research on policy topics, keep track of legislation, and poll other legislators’ views on pending legislation. They put together briefings for their legislators and other office personnel.

Legislative Assistants must have a Bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in Business, Political Science, or Public Administration. They must have excellent writing skills and a solid mastery of the English language.

Legislative assistants have a median annual wage of $41,077.

2. Political Scientists

Another one of the political science jobs is a political scientist. Political science graduates can become a political scientist, who studies international relations, government operations, municipal administration, and other issues to better understand government and political structures in theory and practice.

They can work at large institutions or national NGOs, for example, and their areas of expertise could include teaching, research, or service. Political science jobs

A Political scientist typically studies the consequences of government actions on a certain region or people, both at home and abroad. Political science jobs

As a result, they give data and analysis that aid in the planning, development, and implementation of policies.

A Master’s Degree or PhD in Political Science, Public Administration, or a similar subject is required to work as a Political Scientist.

Political scientists usually have a median annual wage of $124,100.

3. Communications Coordinators

Communications coordinator
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One of the career paths in the political science industry is a communications coordinator, who is in charge of directing the operations of the communications department, building the brand image, and monitoring news releases, company articles, and other related marketing materials for the purpose of increasing business visibility and promotion.

Interacting with current and new clients, negotiating contracts, and forming profitable partnerships are all things that communications coordinators do.

They also devise strategic plans for establishing the company’s internet presence, organising promotional events, and holding press conference.

A communications coordinator should have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, English, public relations, or journalism, as well as at least 2-3 years of marketing or communications experience.

Communications coordinators’ salaries typically vary from $41,824 to $52,861.

Key Skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills

4. Advocates

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Another one of the political jobs which you can do with the political subjects is of an advocate. Professionals who represent a person or a group are known as advocates. They aren’t strictly lawyers, but they are specialists in some areas of the law.

Advocates frequently work on civil cases, reading contracts or disagreements from another party who is also represented by an advocate. Their goal is to reach an agreement that benefits their client.

An advocate’s job responsibilities include scrutinising and drafting contracts. Because they represent a specific group with certain interests, part of their work is to conduct research in order to find information that will benefit the group.

Gathering physical proof to support their argument is also part of this process. When a dispute between two parties cannot be resolved, an advocate attends court proceedings. Students need to attain training from law school after getting a political science degree in order to do this job.

$144,970 is the median annual wage they earn.

5. Social Media Managers

Political Science Jobs
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Yes, you read that right. A student with a political science background can land a job as a social media manager. Social media is rapidly influencing public opinion. Politicians, officials, parties, and interest groups all require social media managers to keep track of constituents’ opinions on their administration and current concerns. Political science jobs

Social media managers must be familiar with a variety of social media platforms and be able to plan campaigns to influence their users’ attitudes. Political science students understand how various media shape and affect public opinion, and they may help formulate and implement these plans.

A political science student is needed to have a bachelor’s degree in political science, journalism, business, marketing, public relations, or in a similar area. Certification in Google Analytics is strongly recommended.

In the United States, the maximum annual income for a social media manager is $113,416 and the lowest annual compensation for a social media manager is $51,315 per year.

Key Skills:

  • Technical Ability
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Project Management Skills

6. Marketing Research Analysts

Next in the list of political science jobs come market research analysts. Market researchers look at how people will react to items or services, similar to how political science students look at how people would react to candidates.

Majors in political science research the function of polling and survey research in campaigns. Consumer reactions to proposed or current products and services are frequently surveyed by market research analysts. Political science jobs

When constructing scientifically feasible studies, analysts might draw on the political science major’s knowledge of research standards. They must convey their results to clients and coworkers, as well as provide evidence to back up their recommendations.

Market research analysts earn an average of $63,790 per year.

Key Skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Detail Oriented

7. Political Campaign Staff

Members of a political campaigns staff assist in the formulation and execution of the campaign’s plan. They work to establish the candidate’s brand or positive public image.

They engage in the writing of press releases and the drafting of speech-language. Political campaign workers assist in the management of a candidate’s social media presence and the organization of events to increase candidate exposure.

They are in charge of recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers, as well as raising funds for the campaign.

$46,576 is their median income.

Key Skills:

  • Community Management
  • Communication
  • Quantitative Research

8. Public Relations Specialists

Another one of political science jobs are public relations representatives or specialists, who work as intermediaries between their customers and the general public via various media platforms.

In a government setting, public relations specialists are referred to as press secretaries.

From press releases and press conferences to campaign management, events, and public appearances, the industry necessitates astute critical abilities in research, writing, and analysis to promote their client/ government agencies’ image, which political science majors excel at.

Aside from the media, press releases are also sent via social media and the internet.

$71,940 is the median annual wage they earn.

So you see, a political science major can do a variety of things in different fields. These were just 8 of the political science jobs with excellent job growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Political Science Degree and Jobs

With increasing jobs for political science, many students have multiple questions regarding this field. We have answered the three most common ones below.

Is political science a good career?

Short answer, yes. A degree in political science can help you start a career in a variety of sectors. Different political science jobs that students can work as include: consultants, academicians, policy advisers, legislators, and lobbyists for governments, international organizations, NGOs, marketing, corporate and lobbying firms.

What is the highest paying job in political science?

Politician or lawyer are the highest-paying political science jobs. Both professions are among the highest-paying jobs on the planet.

What are the four major fields of political science?

Comparative politics, political theory, international relations, and public administration are the four major fields of political science.

What is the work schedule like for a political scientist?

In most cases, political scientists work full-time in an office. They may have to work longer hours to complete writing reports and fulfill deadlines.

Political science is an excellent approach to preparing for citizenship. Political science education instils in pupils the value of political involvement and prepares them to participate in the political life of their communities and country. Political science jobs

Hence, a political science degree never goes waste and can help you get many profitable political science jobs like political scientists, policy analysts and a legal assistant.

Who knows you could some day be part of labor unions and discuss the public policy, conduct surveys and engage in the political process with elected officials and political parties!

You may work in one of these excellent political science jobs. These lucrative and gratifying careers can put your political science bachelor’s degree to good use, whether you can start right away or need to get a little more education. Also, remember to educate yourself before enrolling to ensure that your money is wisely spent!

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