Best Credit Cards for Travel

“If traveling were free, you would never see me again.”

–    Anonymous

The bitter truth about traveling is that although the experience is priceless, traveling is not a cheap affair.

You can save a lot if you carry the best travel credit cards with you.

Let us look at the best credit cards to carry in your pocket while tripping to get the best rewards.

Chase Sapphire Reserve:

It is the best available travel card. This reserve card offers the best rewards for those who travel a lot. You will get a sign-up bonus of $750 with this card if you spend $4,000 in three months.

You get an extra 4.5¢ when you use chase’s travel site on every dollar you spend. The annual fee for this card is $450.

JetBlue Card:

JetBlue Card is the best Airline card that does not charge any loyalty tariff. It is suited for those who use JetBlue to fly. You get a bonus of flying up to 5,000 miles with this card on some one-way domestic flights on sign-up, and you also get three additional points for shopping at JetBlue.

You will get alcohol and movies inside the flight with a discount of 50%.

Starwood Preferred Guest:

Starwood Preferred Guest card is the best credit card for hotels. The world’s most renowned hotel Marriot’s empire has made Starwood their partner the last September. You get many rewards if you choose to stay in a Starwood hotel or Marriott’s empire.

You will earn five points whenever you spend a dollar at any Starwood hotel, and you will get two points for spending a dollar at any Marriot’s empire hotel.

Each point earned in this Starwood Preferred Guest is equivalent to 2.3¢, which is greater than the value offered by any other hotel card.

The individual preference of a travel credit card may vary from person to person. Therefore, the choice should be made primarily on the basis for which it has to be used depending on their luxury tastes and preferences.

However, it is best advised to use credit cards considering their income, expense, and interest rates and decide to choose the credit card that matters the most and gives healthy benefits.

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