5 Jobs For You as A Computer Engineering Graduate

Computer engineering is the most commonly picked up course by engineering aspirants. Here’s why, pay packages, awesome job prospects, or a fancy workplace with a chilled-out work ethic? Or more? 

The world of computing has intrigued many, and it’s this mysterious realm that everyone wants to explore. And what’s better than turning this curiosity into a full-fledged career considering the outbreak of so many tech firms and IT-based job profiles? 

Check out these five exciting careers you can opt for as a computer engineer.

Network Architect 

You are responsible for: 

  • Designing the entire network layout of organizations from LAN, WAN, Internet, VoIP, and so on. 
  • Monitoring of network usage and performance, formulating network tests and examining them. 
  • Including any new business requirements so as to update the overall network architecture. 
  • Do any required cabling, routers, and install and configure hardware and software. 
  • Implement or draft a budget for projects. 
  • Choose or recommend the appropriate network components. 
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

Software Engineer 

The most common job profile for computer engineers, this field involves various responsibilities based on hierarchies in the organization you’re working for. 

From creating/testing/documenting software to optimizing software based on technical, mathematical, and/or scientific knowledge, software engineers are among the IT industry’s highest-paid and most indispensable professionals. 

Manager, Information Systems Security 

An Information Systems Security Manager takes care of the security of company and customer data and computer systems. They also cater to: 

  • IT security needs for companies
  • Analyze security requirements
  • Document security policies
  • Implement security solutions
  • And take care of the overall software and information portals of a company.
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay/Cpoyright 2022

Manager, Applications Development

These professionals take care of: 

  • The organization’s internally-created software applications and platforms. 
  • Collect application requirements
  • Interface with VP Tech, marketing, project managers, managers of other teams
  • Manage software analysts and/or developers for creating the company’s application portfolio
  • Evaluate timelines and resource
  • Schedule projects where required.

Applications Architect 

This job profile is basically a misnomer for a software developer or software engineer. 

  • You need to be well versed with the software of your respective organization.
  • Have enough project management experience
  • Senior-level software development experience
  • And your job is to look after the entire software development (application portfolio) initiative for an organization.
  • Define application architecture
  • Interact with the various role-specific architects, project managers, customer representatives
  • Communicate with developers while implementing software architecture. 

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