Best eBook Readers: Android Edition

Who would have thought there would be a day when one could read a book on a tablet? The world has changed ever since the advent of the computer and its latest accessories. The world today has been taken over by storm by the concept of the tablet. This lightweight, easy-to-carry piece is a genius creation that extends the functionality of the computer.

Ranging in size from 5 inches to 10 inches and each weighing only a couple of grams, tablets seem to be even taking over computers nowadays! Various operating systems work on multiple tablets. While the newest tablets have been roped in by Windows 8, the Apple iPad works on iOS, and most tablets run on Android. So, while many people use tablets to surf the internet, play games, and even send out e-mails, they are used to a large extent to read books.

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There has been a constant debate among the various brands that serve as the best e-book reader for Android, as this operating system is most common! Let’s look at the multiple options of Android e-book readers and how each of them functions differently.

1. Kindle

This is one of the first few books that emerged. Solely being used as an e-book reader, this tablet created by Amazon took over the world like a storm.


As it is connected to your Amazon account, your purchases are made via the same. This is a convenient feature of the Kindle. While browsing through Amazon on any other day and any other device, you have the option of purchasing a book and pushing it to your Kindle device as well. This no-glare device proves to be an excellent option to read books on for a longer period. 

Amazon has also come out with the kindle H’’ for better quality! with Kindle’s soaring sales numbers. 


Using the Calibre application to concert content in your Kindle is quite painful as it does not support the ePUB format. They should bring out a direct and simpler way of doing so. Kindle could also introduce a function by adding two pages on turning the tablet horizontally for increased usability.  

2. Google Books

Google has also not fallen short in bringing out a reader for e-books! As a version to contest the iBooks, you can buy books via your google checkout account. You can even rate your Google books for other readers.

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As you already have a Google account to use your Android tablet, book purchases are not a problem. As it supports the standard ePUB format and Adobe PDF, books can be scanned originally from a book or in the two-page format.


A slight disadvantage is that you cannot upload the content you have bought, say from a vendor directly or any document. Hopefully, Google Books will figure something out and sort out this issue.

3. Nook

Barnes and Noble use their Android application known as Nook. The sideloading feature is a great advantage that allows you to load ePUB books that you have purchased from the public Library or what you have purchased otherwise.


Nook cashes on the two-page layout, which is extremely convenient. You also have the option of turning off the page flipping if, for any reason, it slows down your device. The ‘‘LendM’’ feature is also an interesting option for lending books to users for two weeks.


The LendMe option is available once per book, and items you have sideloaded aren’t options.   

4. Moon Reader

This is a device you can use on your cell phone to read e-books.


You can adjust the brightness of your screen to suit your preference and even save your color settings and animations as a theme ready to use later on. Sync between phone and tablet is also possible.


Free downloads have ads, and it does not support PDF files. 

5. FB Reader

A new free application for Android, the look seems to be fairly simple.


You have access to a Network Library that contains a wide range of free books and paid books. The Library also has segments and more for easy use.


Like the Moon reader, it does not support PDF or .chm, which they can consider changing in the future. 


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