How To Choose Where to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a very bold decision. No place is bad to study, it only depends on how you use it. However, studying at a good university makes it easier to get a high-paying job. Always keep a list of points on which you judge which country will be the best for you to study.

Here are Four Points That Can Help You Choose the Country You Want to Study in:

Image by Victoria Health on Unsplash

1. Future of Your Career

If you go study medicine in New Zealand won’t get you anything but peanuts. But if you go study IT or business there, then you will definitely land a high-paying job. The Middle East is ideal for business and nutrition studies. Medical professionals are highly needed in all European countries.

2. Visa and Language Skills

It is easier for Indian students to get a UK student visa. Australian students visa are more difficult to get because the rules are very strict. The US student visa depends on the type of study you are going for. Also, what about a post-study work permit? The UK doesn’t have a post-study work permit like the US and Australia.  You have to find a job immediately but the permanent residency rules are very easy in the UK.

3. Tuition Fees

Many European countries don’t charge international students. You only have to pay the administrative fees. American universities have varying costs and it depends on what type of university it is. Australian universities charge the highest fees.

4. Cost of Living

The cost of living is the lowest in European countries followed by Russia and then the US. Canada and Australia are very expensive in terms of the cost of living. Always choose a geographically big country to study, so that you can travel around and tick things off your travel bucket list.

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