Best Schools for Visual Arts in Hong Kong

Visual art is a discipline that involves art forms catering to the visual acumen of the observer. They include ceramic art, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, film making, and print ads. Designing disciplines involving interiors, jewelry, metal, wood, and furniture design are also a part of visual arts.

You need to choose a college that suits your financial situation and offers the course and exposure required for your vocation.

If Hong Kong is your dream study destination, here is a list of universities you can go to for your visual arts course.

Hong Kong Baptist University

This university offers courses in multiple disciplines like business, creative writing, humanities, science, music, languages, and more. There are 5 visual arts courses to choose from.

These include Associate of Arts in Visual Arts and Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts. Ph.D., MA, and MPhil degrees in the postgraduate levels are also available.

Savannah College of Art and Design

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This is an institution primarily concerned with Arts and Design. It provides a specialized Bachelors in Fine Arts and Visual Effects course. It also offers courses in other areas like Business, IT, Social Sciences, and Media.

The fee structure is reasonable, and you will have promising job prospects.

Lingnan University

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This university has a wide array of departments and courses to choose from, including healthcare, visual studies, cultural studies, philosophy, translation, and humanities, to name a few.

It offers a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Ph.D. and MPhil courses in fine arts.

The Education University of Hong Kong

Predominantly a humanities-based institution, this university holds fields like Liberal Arts and Science, Education and Human Development, Governance and Citizenship, and more.

It has an affordable fee structure and offers four-year undergraduate degrees in Creative Arts and Culture in the Visual Arts discipline, a full-time course.

Well, I hope now you can weigh your options better.

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