Manual Organizers vs. Electronic Organizers

Organizing a schedule is of utmost importance for everyone- from homemakers to professionals. This helps you prioritize your commitments and helps you avoid missing out on important tasks and dates. You will be less haphazard with your daily life and effectively achieve your goals.

In the age of technology, mobile organizers are fast replacing manual organizers. More people sync their schedules on their phone or tablet devices to save time and logistics.

Here is an overview of the perks and downsides of both.

Manual Organiser/Planner:


They are inexpensive and will never crash. Also, they are highly customizable while being open to alterations. And the best part is, they will never run out of batteries or chargers.

You don’t require a password to access a paper organizer either.


With the recent concerns surrounding paper use, manual organizers quickly lose their identity. Also, if you misplace them, you will have no backup for the same.

The frequent overwriting due to updates and corrections may be messy to handle, and because there is no login facility, your privacy is also at risk.

And the additional ordeal of carrying them around as they take up space makes manual organizers an outdated option.

Electronic Organiser:


Not only do they provide limitless storage, but they are also lightweight and easy to carry. You don’t need to take a separate planner, as you can sync everything on your phone or tablet.

You can easily search using a search tab without flip pages making the process less cumbersome.

The to-do lists are easy to edit since overwriting can be avoided. You can also sync them up with your email.


The battery may die out when you are traveling. Also, data wipe-outs are possible, which could prove to be very problematic if you do not have a backup.

Which one will you choose?

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