Companies Offering the Most Medical Benefits

Health insurance is a prized possession today. With policy changes being implemented in the US and costly healthcare services, it is always good to look for a job that gives you decent health insurance coverage.

Here are a few companies that offer great health benefits to their employers.

1. Whole Foods:

This is a food-manufacturing company in Austin, and it is the largest supplier of natural and organic foods. It remunerates its workers with an hourly wage of 19 dollars.

The health plan for Whole Foods employees is a full medical, dental and vision package that is not bound by a contract. The minimum deductible amount is 1500 dollars for employees on a 20-hour per week regime.

2. Allegis Group:

This is a staffing and consultancy firm and has around 10000 full-time workers who have a 20 hour per week regime.

Given full medical, dental and vision coverage, insurance covers are also provided for the families of the employees and provisions are made for temporary workers too.

The company also provides health savings accounts where deposits are made as per the wishes of the company management.

3. Costco:

This is a retail firm which is the 2nd largest in the USA and has around 650 stores and has around 18500 employees on board. This company, apart from paying a decent 21 dollars per hour to its workers, has 88% of its employees on health insurance.

The health plan for Costco called a Choice Plus Health Plan had given the members the discretion to choose their providers. It also has an in-house pharmacy, prescription plan, and a low-cost dental insurance cover for part-timers.

4. Lowe’s:

Lowe is a home improvement firm with outlets all over the world. It has 160000 employees on its payroll. The Health plan consists of limited medical insurance for medical checkups and consultancy and basic dental and vision coverage.

After paying 100% for the first year of the insurance, a 60% cover is provided subsequently.

5. Starbucks:

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Starbucks is a worldwide coffee and food chain with over 16000 branches in the US alone. It has around 2,00,000 workers on its payroll.

The company is known to treat its workers very nicely, offering them annual pay packages of around 35000 dollars and a comprehensive benefits package too.

The health plans cover 100 per cent of medical consultations and checkups. They also cover 70% of the treatment expenses and many alternative health services like chiropractors and acupuncture.

Dental plans include basic procedures and checkups.

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