Off-Field Careers in Sports

Just being passionate about sports can’t equal the calibre required for surviving in the field. Some people fond of sports may not be physically fit enough or not inclined to be a part of sports on the field.

One requires the perfect combination of stamina, skills, and talent to succeed.

But if your passion for sports is still undying, you can choose from the following off-field occupations to be associated with sports while earning handsomely in the bargain.


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Taking care of the health needs of sports-persons is a part of the job. Sports players are highly prone to muscle injuries and sprains, so physiologists and wellness professionals are highly demanded.

The pay package is excellent too, and you can be up close and personal with your favourite sports personalities. You can also be a part of research facilities for sports aiming at health and testing practices.

Sports Dietitians:

Diet is an integral part of every sportsperson’s routine. Sports-persons must maintain specific body weight and muscle mass for their respective fields, and a sports dietitian helps them achieve that form.


If you can’t be on the field, you can always show them how it’s done. Many sportspersons who have quit the field or have an infirmity that prevents them from playing can train future players to win medals for their country.

It is a highly-fulfilling and rewarding profession.

Sports Journalists:

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This is the most glamorous and high-paying field for sports enthusiasts. From being a sports presenter to a columnist or a photojournalist, you can work for big organisations and be in the limelight while spending time with all the celebrated persons in the sports field.

If you are someone who loves sports, but and wants to be closely associated with the field, you can try out these career options.

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