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Earn From Video Creation And Editing Service

Video editing is an artistic and technical skill that requires the addition of additional special effects structure and more to video. In this guide, we will share five websites where you can earn money editing videos. Even if you’re not a professional, it can take very good training and some basic skill to earn money. Nowadays, the video industry is expanding as millions of people rely on skilled help to produce good videos. So please be strong at it; we have a huge thing for you!

How do I make money editing videos?

Those of you who want income directing a Youtube video can find this a great option. If you are interested in making money from your video editing business and if your budget fits your business goals, then look at various opportunities to pursue this field. 

So for the rest of this article, I’ll explore the best ways to make good money. We’ll jump in new ways to make money off of editing videos and video editing videos. For example, working with companies to develop a perfect promotional video for their products or athletes to highlight their skills for prospective universities.

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How can I make a full-time income as a video editor?

Online videos will cover 82% of Internet traffic by 2022. Video Editing can give paid income whether the job is freelance or a business. 

Related Questions

Media editors earn about $55,000 annually. Video editors require both technical and creative skills. The skilled video editor can easily teach the operation of equipment and the program’s editing process. This also requires keen attention to detail and the ability to work cooperatively with a team – or client. 

Your pricing should reflect the difficulty of the project, your skill level and the time to completion. You should be willing to pay anywhere from $40 to $100 an hour for video processing services. You might want to consider charging a minimum fee for smaller projects. Video editing is difficult to learn at first, but the longer you spend editing videos, the longer time you spend on them.

Edit Sports Videos / Highlight Reels

As part of the scholarship application process for most sports programmes, athletes can receive a highlight from the application. By doing so, the athlete can showcase his or her abilities to recruiters. And seriously, video production is essential to getting a huge amount of student grants that might otherwise only have been spent on one student’s education. 

So, you can look out for such opportunities.

Educational or explainer videos

Technology companies may need explainer videos to help the customer understand the complex product they are buying. Usually, financial investment companies create a video explaining how investment in index funds works. 

If you try to secure this type of job or project, create a series of explainer videos that help you explain aspects of video editing. Using these resources creates educated customers and indicates that you have expertise in your industry, which can also profit your clientele, say experts. 

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Film and edit real estate videos

Realtors sometimes use videos to show properties they’re selling. This helps increase the exposure for the property and allows buyers to see it more clearly without going in person. This is a big deal because investors that travel from out of state cannot see a home in person. 

For example, apartment companies and even restaurants may want to film a small walk-through movie to attract tenants. You can also partner with a commercial building company to produce a video to highlight their completed recent project to their client or other potential clients.

Introduction: My video editing journey

A friend had a Youtube channel about personal finance and offered me a partnership. My job was to add pictures and videos related to his speech. After a few months, I decided to diversify my revenues: I produced a promotional video for a festival and an advertisement for makeup products. I now specialize in Promotional Videos with a salary of around $350 an hour.

Which is the best video editing software?

If you want professional-quality production without any costs, then you could use the free version of HitFilm Express

Wondershare Filmora9 is a multimedia-intensive video editor. 

CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultimate has become a preferred choice of experienced video editors because of its best-of-its-kind features. It is a nonlinear editor with plenty of power, versatility and depth to help you create music clips or short movies. 

Check out the top 24 video editing companies.

We’ve done the research, and we found 23 businesses that can do the heavy lifting for you. FixThePhoto is a popular professional video editing agency offering all types of video editing services to its customers. UBER, BT, NBCUniversal, Microsoft and many more companies dominate Whiteboard videos production companies. 

Video editing
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Create or sell a video editing course

If you’re a video journalist, you might like to share your knowledge. Remember the effort you are giving to learn the art. Creating training for individuals looking for entry into the industry may be a valuable project in itself. When you create your course, you have different options like creating video courses for those who don’t.

Edit videos for local businesses

Local businesses often need to create video content but don’t have the resources of larger companies. These programs should be included in advertisements, investor presentations and training videos. 

Start with local businesses you know to see who needs help. Do you want the nonprofits in your life, such as charities, schools and churches? You may be interested in offering free services to build or just get into the market. This will help you develop a portfolio and help develop a solid reputation. 

Edit videos for YouTubers

The reason is that most video creators who create YouTube channels are not video editors. The most popular YouTuber eventually needs a team. Send out an email to your favourite young YouTuber. You don’t really know; they’ll simply ask to pay you for the video edit. 

Best places to find video editing jobs online

Fiverr is not primarily a place for affordable $5 gigs – successful videographers like crslaytor and senthudms charge anywhere between $20 and $200. 

There are currently over 3700 video editing jobs on Upwork. Behance is a social media platform where you can post your creative output and get noticed by clients. Mandy is a career portal where TV and cinema professionals can search – and apply – for production jobs. Simply Hired aggregates job listings from everywhere on the web, including ones from major film studios such as Universal Studios and Twentieth Century Fox.

Over to you

Entrepreneurial skill has the key ability to leverage their potential. Video Caddy can provide you with high-quality content in a highly professional manner by outsourcing your recording to its qualified personnel. This ensures. With a passion for learning a new skill, one should easily know how to create a video clip. Look at the companies’ testimonials, samples, and business history in this list to find the best match to match your needs. 

Freelance On Sites Like Fiverr And Upwork

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are free to create your profile and market yourself free of cost. The problem with these sites is they take off your profits. A small price can be expected on the other end for many potential clients who visit websites every day. 

This exposure alone is worth the fees, so make sure you price your services with this fee. One may be better for you personally. Check either side of this so you can get the best rates. Do not forget to promote your Fiverr and Upwork profiles using your existing social media account.

Product or service promotional videos

Interactive videos are a great way to show the benefit of a firm’s product or service. Companies are encouraged to place these videos on their website, to use them at sales events, or perhaps use them at their booth in a company event. Crowd-sourced data is also in high demand for companies looking in advance at finding new sources of business. On Kickstarter, companies can use these videos as part of their pitch to raise the funding that is required in their project to get more money. 

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How much can I make editing videos?

According to the National Bureau of Labour Statistics, movie and Media Editors make a salary of $76.830 annually. The wages can start from $31,940 for the newbie, while the most experience earns up to $170040. 

Hourly wages range between $50-$65, depending on whether you are just an amateur or a professional. California, New York-New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut are the top-paid states in video editing. If moving out to high-paying states isn’t an option, you can try doing online filmmaking.

Edit videos for birthdays or special occasions

Suppose you like getting photos of anniversaries/eves and other holidays you may earn money by editing videos. Life has all kinds of happiest moments, birthday parties and other special moments. You can make money using video editing as a way to promote your special day or birthday.

Edit wedding footage

For wedding planning, you can also hire wedding vendors. Contact local wedding movie videographers and offer your service to edit a wedding video. Get started using a local videographer and wedding videographer to plan a wedding.


Originally established over 40 years ago, Ruckus provides video editing solutions. The DVIGroup had accumulated quite many valuable experiences over the course of years and established a position as a trustworthy video production company. 

This includes creating great stories with high quality that meet customers’ needs and want. Blue Chalk Media curated 1000 videos and shot 700 of those awards. Software is headquartered in Houston with its Bangalore branches. Flikli is a Canadian company that is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality video explainers of business processes. Transcending Enterprise is focused on developing ideas and video content that will connect with client markets.

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Practice the art of organization

A well-organized video editor will work productively. It prevents accidental deletion or corrupting files in your database and causing the error “Media Offline.” It’s also in keeping with your clients who might want to have their project revised by another videographer. 

When naming a file, you must use the correct keywords and use the correct version. It is important to remember to include hyphens (underscores do not go so smoothly on the website)and add. Give some blank file templates to edit before starting work with new projects. 

Pro tip: Create blank templates that can easily be pasted and copied. Use a hyphen for metadata when naming files.

Yum Videos

The video production company Yum Videos offers a range of services related to video, including scriptwriting, video editing, animation, voiceover, and storytelling. 

VeracityColab is a company located in Newport Beach, Calif. It prides itself in knowing the processes necessary to create & produce a mind-blowing video. These animators are great for animating. 

If you examine their work history, you may see many incredible videos on YouTube too. They also add many videos editing functions. Their collaboration with the ten biggest corporations and startups worldwide has resulted in their successes – including large corporations.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube’s most profitable business generated more than $26 million in 2019. The more active your channel gets, the more you’ll be getting views on Youtube. To monetize your channel, you need to accumulate more than 1,000 subscribers. You will make an average of $3 per 1000 views. 

When deciding what to create content about again, you’ll need to use scratch your own itch philosophy. 

You have a wealth of information on video cutting inevitably. Why don’t you create some videos introducing the basics of video making and shooting? Having worked as an editor for years, you could probably improve your movie in big ways.

Write about video editing.

Many online resources pay for you to write articles concerning video editing, including how-tos for presentations and workflow hack videos. Depending on the depth of information length or volume of text, you can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars per post. If you’re nervous, it might be helpful to seek professional help from a tutor. It’s a worthwhile investment in time that will pay for itself in time even as soon as you start looking at jobs. Read and write, and read and write so much more.

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What is video editing?

Video editing is the art of cutting, manipulating video to create an entire piece of work. Editors cut excess material, select which reels to highlight, touch up audio and apply graphics and effects, which are then incorporated into a final product. 

Video editors sometimes work behind an audio console behind the camera in some cases. They may work at the computer. 

Be tasteful with your transitions.

Fade to and from black are suitable for video streaming. Light flashing is another example of such. This cool effect will work well in high-energy sports videos and photo-heavy projects like wedding videos. 

Remind yourself that no cut requires transformation. Also, make sure the transition you choose is adequate for the project you use is appropriate for your project. 

Have a good understanding of pacing and flow

Tempo, or tempo, determines how the whole video or the entire project is arranged. However, tempo can vary greatly depending on the video/scene. 

In general, rapid pacing expressed intensity and a sense of excitement, while a slower pace might indicate sincere and thoughtful moments. Of course, the scenes must move smoothly between them as well as the rest of the project. Pacing is probably the hardest thing that anyone could learn as a video editor.

Is video editing in demand?

About 400 hours of video is uploaded every second on YouTube. Therefore, if you want to stand rock-solid in the competitive video world, look for professional video editing firms. The number of video files uploaded on youtube will rise rapidly, and the video demand. Make sure all your videos are recorded and not stored in poor quality.

Video editing equipment

Powerful laptops can now perform tasks that editors were able to perform in studios. A good camera or laptop may need extra audio shackles, internal hard disk drives or speakers. Maybe you’ll be looking for them later, or you’re just going to use them when you want them.


Tongal is another great content creator platform that specializes in digital videos. The firm functions as a competition website where video projects and prize details are posted. Once chosen for your pitch, the producer will then get support for the video. After finishing the editing, you’ll get paid. 

Best for Mac: Final Cut Pro X

For a longer video editing experience, the non-traditional timeline editing takes many tries. Final Cut Pro X supports uploads over popular social media sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It has loads of advanced options, including grouping tools, effects, 4K and multimedia camera support, and integrated uploads to popular web hosting sites such as YouTube. 

Video editing
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Understand the story

Video processing requires more than just adding images to video. The cuts, trims, moves and splits functions are your friends. Add effects or photos to complement your message. Add a photo or a visual effect to the video to make it feel like a film. Use the cut, trim, or move tools to cut down on the parts in a video that has no link to each other.

Kyro Digital

Kyro Digital is a world-class Video Editing Company from California. They employ a talented team of videographers, photographers, and filmmakers to assist their clients with video production for their company. It makes services to companies in SMEs or small businesses. 

Their big clientele includes Bose Beats Audio Netgear, and Beats audio. They provide cost-effective video-driven results. You can apply to this company and take a chance.

Stay up-to-date on the latest video editing trends.

Being informed and kept up to date with the latest trends will help you stand out from others. Most clients search for professional photographers who understand what it takes to produce effective, impressive and effective videos. This can be accomplished through following the right YouTube and Facebook feeds. A more effective video enables greater market penetration in marketing.


Uscreen was the company’s video-on-demand offering to allow individuals and companies to sell video-on-demand via the web. You may sell or offer a single video as an individual subscription. You can sell your videos at any price you wish through this platform. You will be entitled to own your own store. 


The more you know, the better you’re at video editing. Sign up for online courses relevant to your craft. Typography, graphic design, photography, scriptwriting, and painting are some areas worth discovering. Creating fresh ideas in video editing gets these artistic juices flowing again. Never stop learning things.

Go niche

Some freelancers work exclusively for wedding videos. They will work with wedding organizers for a competitive edge against their competitors. And it works: people often spend a lot of money getting their romance moments nailed down right. Many people pay extra for wedding videos.

Improve your time management skills

Time management is the key to success in any field. So, you need to have some killer time management skills to succeed in a video editing career.

Build a strong portfolio

So that you can get good pay in any job, you have to present yourself as a strong talent with a good presentation. YouTubes is a great platform for sharing your videos. You can even construct a website. All you need to do is sell your portfolio to your target audience.

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Learn other related programs

You should be familiar with Photoshop After Effects Audition Sound Forge and Lightroom programs. The more courses you know, the more value you can put into your job and the more opportunities you are hired. 

How much do freelance video editors make?

According to Payscale, professional videographers’ median earnings are around $20 an hour. In my experience, it largely dépends on the experience and the tasks. Editing promotional videos can help a smaller business in the same sense.

What is the average time it takes to edit a video?

The minimum period required on an 8-minute video is 5 hours. However, it may change depending on modifications to a video. To see how much time this might take, people should always think about what their goals are to change.

Be timely with your deliverables.

Nothing improves your chances of repeat customers more than a high-resolution video sent on time. If possible, return it earlier than the deadline. To do that, you need good management skills, which brings us to the next tip.


Most people learn how to video edit well through practice. Mastering directing camera, lighting and sound will let you know everything necessary to build your film. Editing goes far beyond film production. Video editing is storytelling!


By expanding in and becoming familiar with other parts of the industry, you will be able to land highly-paid roles like audio engineering, assistant directing or small-scale production tasks.

Bottom Line

You can earn money through content and video creation if you are really invested in it. All you have to do is expand yourself a little and broadcast your skills to get noticed.

With constant efforts in the right direction, it will be no time before you reach your goal destination.


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