Fact: Traveling Once a Year Is Really Good for You!

For how long are you going to scroll down your Facebook or Instagram timeline and watch your friends travel the world? Looking at those photos might make you happy or jealous or sad, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you haven’t traveled. The biggest question on your mind will be finances. Everyone works hard, saves, and travels if traveling is your dream, waste no time turning it into a reality.

Here are four reasons you should travel once a year:

1.Explore new cultures

How boring is it to stay in one city all your life? The thought of it is boring itself. Culture changes as the state changes, and it is incredible to visit different states and countries get to know more about it. Also, you will also meet new people, some of whom might also become your friends, and you can become travel buddies.

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2.Break from the routine

Working a nine to five job is exhausting. Even if you are a freelancer, you have to spend endless hours in front of the computer. Every job is difficult and exhausting, and you most definitely deserve at least a week-long break from it. You’ll thank yourself for getting the trip sorted once you are back home with countless memories.

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3.Irreplaceable experience

The experiences you will collect as a traveler are irreplaceable. Whenever you travel, always become a local; you’ll only experience the most intimate things. Right from the food and drinks and to visiting national parks, going scuba diving, and trekking, you’ll have the time of your life.

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4.Nothing is too difficult.

You’ll be wondering how you will manage the finances. You’ve got two choices, reduce your expenses like eating out or work harder and smarter to save more money. Either way is okay until and unless you gift yourself the trip.

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Top 3 Places to Visit in India During Winter

Drop everything and start finding a vacation destination for you. You’ve worked hard enough this entire year, and all you need right now is a well-deserved vacation. You don’t have to plan some exotic dream vacation to a country out of India; there are equally good places in India. All these places are within budget and very fun.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started with our list:


There is nothing better than celebrating New Year in Goa with your friends. If you haven’t yet celebrated something like that yet, make a WhatsApp group right now and plan a trip to Goa. All the expenses of going there on vacation will seem worth it once you see a natural beauty which is all Goa.

Goa is blessed with delicious seafood, so don’t miss the opportunity of trying it out. Stay in Margao as it is in Goa’s center.

Image by the_darker_knight from Pixabay/Copyright 2021

2.Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is truly beautiful. If you haven’t seen snow yet or want to escape somewhere quiet, this northern state is the right choice for you. Skiing, drinking hot chocolate, watching the Himalayas turn pink as the sun sets is just too mesmerizing as an experience. Catch a train to Delhi and then a bus to Shimla. Stay there for a couple of days and take a road trip to Manali. 

It will be like spending a few days straight into the lap of heaven.

Himachal Pradesh
Image by travelphotographer from Pixabay/Copyright 2021


Shillong is an ideal winter wonderland. With beautiful plains, massive national parks, waterfalls, and delicious food, Shillong is enjoyable in Northeast India. Fly to Shillong and reside in some hotel or lodge in the hilly areas. There is a lot to explore in Shillong, so you will need at least a week to experience it all. Whatever the expenses will be, you will definitely find worth it.

Image by Jon Austin from Pixabay/Copyright 2021

Bottom line

After working day and night for months or probably years, you have got to give yourself some rest. Book your flight tickets now to these beautiful places and let your soul rejuvenate the liveliness it lost in the daily pressure of work.

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