8 Best Highest Paying Social Media Jobs For You

Social Media Jobs has opened doors for a lot of career opportunities in the digital field. How wonderful it would be to have a job on the social media platforms that you use on a daily basis, and get paid for it? Sounds great right, social media is everywhere from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, it has become like a necessity in our lives.

But have you ever thought of having a career or a proper job in this field? Let me tell you it’s a field which is growing every single day and it has a lot of jobs to offer. Now the first thing that comes to our mind is where to get these social media jobs and will you be paid well? Don’t worry in this blog we will be discussing what highest paying social media jobs you can apply for, the skills needed, and the qualifications required for the same.

Social media has become an easy way for all of us to connect, but also it has become an important marketing tool for brands and companies. As nowadays everything has gone virtual, brands and companies are trying their best to create a strong social media presence to reach their target audience and to get to know them better.

With new features constantly updating on social media platforms, it allows brands to create content in different ways and to put it out on the social media channels in a creative way for their audience or to promote their product or service in an effective way through it. For eg Instagram & Facebook have started the reels feature which is 30-second video-type content.

Social platforms have also given us many ways to find social media jobs and internship opportunities as well. As there are many companies that put job ads on social media platforms so that people can apply. Even Facebook-like platforms have a feature where you can explore jobs. Also, there are a lot of applications like Glassdoor, Internshala, Hirect, My Future, and so on where you can look for social media jobs.

Now without any further due, let’s get to know the highest paying social media jobs that you can apply for or look forward to having a career in. Also, I will be mentioning some of the social media platforms which you can use for marketing activities as well as for finding social media jobs.

Various Social Media Platforms To Search for Social Media Jobs On:

social media jobs
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1. Facebook: Many employers posts jobs on Facebook, so you can always look for jobs that interest you in the social media field in the “jobs on the Facebook button” there you can use the filters of category, location, type of jobs to sort jobs according to your preference.

2. Instagram: You can always get to know more about a brand that you want to work with or a social media job through Instagram, by checking out their profiles. Also, many companies also put posts or ads related to hiring for a job.

3. Linkedin: It is a great source to find jobs, you can use LinkedIn for finding jobs, connecting with professionals, and also you can put up your cv as well. But make sure to put all your profile details, work experiences, and achievements, so that your employer can see them when he visits your profile.

4. Twitter: Just like Facebook and Instagram, employers also use Twitter as a platform for job postings and openings, also they post about their company news.

5. Reddit: It is a platform where you will find answers to your every question, may it be for a particular field, interest, career, jobs, and whatnot. There are subreddits about job postings, job hirings, recruitment, and so on, where you can find jobs related to social media.

8 Highest Paying Social Media Jobs:

1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media jobs
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As the name suggests social media marketing job is to make use of the social media platforms in order to promote products and services of the business and to create a strong digital presence of the brand by creating relevant & creative content consistently.

You have to develop social media strategy and social media campaigns to reach the target audience of the company and also to decide which social media platform is suitable for the brand’s content and what channels the target audience is active on.

The content that you create should send out the brand’s message effectively and bring more engagement to your company’s website /page and content. Also, social media marketing includes creating a good brand following, generating leads through your social media strategies, and increasing sales.

Skills Required :

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Creativity and good command in writing & copywriting
  3. To curate content
  4. Knowledge about marketing
  5. Graphic designing and editing
  6. Knows to handle social media analytics
  7. Should understand consumer behavior
  8. Community building


Bachelor’s degree in any marketing or mass communications field.

2. Social Media Manager:

Social media jobs
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You may wonder aren’t social media marketing and management the same thing, no there is a little difference between both jobs. Social media marketing deals with creating and executing content and strategies whereas social media managers deal with social media account management.

The social media manager’s duty is to manage different social media platforms of the company and monitor the performance of those platforms. To suggest improvements in performance, to respond to customers’ comments and messages, to hold giveaways, post stories, to maintain the social media handle, and to make sure to keep it engaging. Develop marketing strategy and implement it, also to be updated with latest trends and technologies and to look after the budget for social media marketing. They have to create content calendars to write down the dates and content that is to be published or scheduled.

Skills Required :

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Expertise in social media
  3. Strategic planning and analytical skills
  4. Good command in writing
  5. Creative and management skills
  6. Community & Customer management
  7. Editing & Research skills


A degree in any of the following fields marketing, media, communications, or any related field. Experience in the field is preferred.

3. Public Relations Manager:

A public relations manager’s job is to develop and implement PR strategies. Not only pr strategies but they also have to look after the goals, budget & target audience while planning these strategies. Their duty is to give the company’s message or news to the media and the people, hold press conferences, and build networks in the media industry.

To plan and develop a media relations strategy accordingly, finding which media platforms to utilize for good placements can be traditional as well as digital. Also, your duty will be to create content for media like press releases, news announcements, brand launches, and so on. They analyze and monitor the PR performances and manage the PR of the company in a crisis situation as well.

They also work with the social media teams and direct them to create engagement on the social media platforms as it’s faster and stays for a longer period of time and it also avoids rumors. In short, the work of a pr manager is to look after creating a good image of a brand publicly and to manage all the pr aspects of the company.

Skills Required :

  1. Must be good at building relationships
  2. Strong communication skills (written and spoken)
  3. Creative and strategic thinking
  4. Knowledge about business and current scenarios
  5. Research skills and understanding of different media
  6. Confidentiality and attention to details


A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business, marketing or any similar field.

4. Social Media Designer:

social media jobs
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A social media designer creates the creative and appealing visuals that you see on a brand’s or companies social media platforms. Their duties include researching well, creating content for the targeted audience, and developing marketing strategies to make sure that it drives maximum traffic.

The three basic needs to be a social media designer is to know how to do graphic designing for creating creative content and visuals for various social media platforms. You should also have knowledge about computer programming in order to develop pages and applications for the companies. And the last need is to know how marketing works so that you have an idea of what kind of content should be posted and will it be appealing to the people or not.

Their duty also includes posting content online and to monitor key performance.

Skills Required :

  1. Graphic designing
  2. Knowledge about marketing
  3. Knows how to use computer programming skills
  4. Originality and creativity
  5. Good communication skills


Should have completed graduation in the field of graphic designing or computer sciences.

5. Social Media Community Manager :

This job consists of managing and maintaining the “community” of the company on social media, community includes your consumers, like-minded people with the same interests, or people who follow the organization. The job of a social media community manager is to keep the community engaged through various content and engaging activities.

To create a bond with your customers and to answer all their queries and doubts. Also to reply to the comments and messages timely. As a community manager, your job also includes developing a strategy to manage the community and to be updated with recent trends.

To conduct events on social media so that people participate which will not only help in community building but also spread brand awareness. Monitor the engagement level of people on your page/website/social media so that you have an idea of what content people like and which content or activities they are engaging in.

Skills Required :

  1. Quick decision making
  2. Content Creation
  3. Creativity
  4. Knows how to build customer relationships
  5. Good management skills and PR
  6. Knowledge about social media marketing
  7. Strong writing skills
  8. Knows everything about social media platforms


A bachelor’s degree in mass communications, marketing, or similar fields. Experience in the field will be preferred more.

6. Content Strategist:

Social media jobs
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The content strategist’s job is to plan and develop a content strategy according to business goals and customers. They are the ones who connect with the audience through the content on various social media platforms. It’s important for a content strategist to keep in mind the needs of clients and customers when developing a content strategy.

The content a strategist creates and publishes should align with brand values and standards & it should add value to the customer’s experience when they visit the website/page or see the content. It’s a strategist’s job to research well and develop good content that is creative and appealing, grabs people’s attention, and increases engagement as well.

The content should encourage the people visiting the website or page to make a purchase from the brand. Their job also includes monitoring and tracking the content performance and how much return on investment is generated through it. They also analyze the strategy implemented to see if it gives out good results or not.

Skills Required :

  1. Research and excellent writing skills
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Knowledge about social media platforms
  4. Copywriting & Editorial skills
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Data analytics skill


Graduated in the following fields like mass communications, journalism, marketing or related field. Majors in the above fields are recommended. Also an experience in the field.

7. Copywriter:

social media jobs
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A job of a copywriter in social media is to create content and post on various social media sites. For this job creative writing is important as you would not only be writing for social media but also for various digital campaigns. In this job, you got to have a clear idea of what your clients want from you and understand their requirements even while creating a brief.

Also while writing content or campaigns the copywriter should keep in mind what are the objectives? who is the target audience? and what message does it want to give out to the audience?. The copywriter works with the creative team in order to get an idea that the written form is complementing the visual elements of content.

Editing also plays an important role in copywriting to improve and to write better. Also one should be familiar with how advertising works on social media and to research to write excellent copies with originality.

Skills Required :

  1. Strong communication skills (written and spoken)
  2. Creativity
  3. Knowledge about advertising
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Well versed with technology and social media platforms
  6. Good vocabulary
  7. Listening skills and problem solving


A bachelor’s degree in mass communication, Journalism, Marketing or any other similar field. A master’s degree is preferred in the field and experience in the copywriting field and content marketing is recommended.

8. Marketing Communications Manager:

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Marketing communications managers are the one who plays a vital role in marketing, as they are the ones who have a clear idea of what kind of marketing activities work and what doesn’t. Their duty is to conduct market research and analyze the data. Also, they look after the budgeting strategies of the company.

They make sure that the campaigns are running effectively or not. Also, they develop and implement various marketing activities on social media to generate leads and increase sales. They are the best experts when it comes to marketing, as they know which marketing activity is going to attract the audiences.

They have to work with different teams in the organization like PR, Creative team, promotions, and advertising & also have to coordinate with the agencies. They implement various activities on social media like search engine optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), generating leads, sales promotion, trade shows, PR, and so on. Being a marketing communication manager you need to be aware of all the changes happening in the market on a daily basis and stay up to date with various market trends.

Skills Required:

  1. Knowledge about consumer behaviour, marketing techniques, and market
  2. Excellent communication skills (Written and spoken)
  3. Creativity and well versed with IT skills
  4. Knowledge about technology and trends
  5. Project management
  6. Editing and proofreading skills
  7. Multitasking


The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in Public relations, marketing or any related field. A Masters’s degree and experience in the field are recommended.

The digital world has a lot to offer not only for social media jobs but also as a freelancer you can make a better career with the help of social media. Many companies offer job opportunities online and you can even find workshops and courses which you can do to learn more about different skills used for social media jobs.

The scope of social media jobs will widen more, with the advancements in technology. Businesses and brands have also shifted from traditional media to online media as it will expand their reach not only in their country but globally. So the companies also look for individuals and professionals who have the suitable skills for social media jobs and can make good use of their skills to increase brand awareness. So if you are someone who is now planning on doing a social media job, then what are you waiting for?

With this we come to the end of the blog, these were some of the highest paying jobs that you can refer to and if you have an interest in these jobs then go for it!!

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